SE Sectional, Div III, Jackson OH - 18 teams

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Re: SE Sectional, Div III, Jackson OH - 18 teams

Post by jscbowhunter » February 19th, 2010, 6:46 am

Tric118 wrote:Westfall was at West Jefferson and Hamiliton Twp. Seach down this site and you will find those results as N-Y wrestled in both and I posted them maybe page 2.

Thanks, Coach, I'll check it out. Appreciate the info.

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Re: SE Sectional, Div III, Jackson OH - 18 teams

Post by wch125 » February 19th, 2010, 7:43 am

How are the 5 and 6 seeds in the same half of the brackets in some weight classes? 5 and 6 are supposed to go in opposite halves. The 5 seed has the choice on which half to goto and then the 6 automatically goes to the other half.

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Re: SE Sectional, Div III, Jackson OH - 18 teams

Post by Tric118 » February 19th, 2010, 8:23 am

I am not sure what Southern Fat has going on. at 125 no way can Reed and Lump be 1 and 2 they wrestle in the semis. I did not look at it but it looks as he has this all jacked up. I love that he has Efaw over Mclaughlin.

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Re: SE Sectional, Div III, Jackson OH - 18 teams

Post by orange and black » February 20th, 2010, 9:31 pm

2010 Jackson Division III Sectional Wrestling 
February 19-20, 2010

Posted: 06:55 PM - 02/20/2010  Hit refresh or reload to view current data!

2010 Jackson Division III Sectional Scores
1. Nelsonville-York 202.5
2. Westfall 193.5
3. Zane Trace 165.0
4. Caldwell 153.0
5. Paint Valley 106.5
6. Waterford 98.0
7. Belpre 96.0
8. Chesapeake 80.0
9. Wellston 66.0
10. West Muskingum 64.5
11. Shenandoah 60.5
12. Trimble 55.5
13. Crooksville 52.5
14. Meigs 48.0
15. Fairland 47.0
16. Alexander 40.5
17. River Valley 25.0
18. Southeastern 19.0

First Place
103: Justin Pitts(Chesapeake) pin Derek Thomas(Westfall) 0:47
112: Jeremy Border(Caldwell) pin Billy Crock(Waterford) 2:48
119: Thomas McLaughlin(Nelsonville-York) pin Travis Efaw(Waterford) 2:39
125: Tyler Reed(Waterford) dec. Carl Moody(Nelsonville-York) 5-1
130: Bobby Leitwein(Nelsonville-York) dec. Jordan Ott(Paint Valley) 8-7
135: Zach Hook(Nelsonville-York) dec. Jacob Border(Caldwell) 5-4
140: Dakota Hook(Nelsonville-York) maj. dec. Dean Miller(Waterford) 14-4
145: Vincent Pickett(Westfall) dec. Weston Davis(Zane Trace) 6-4
152: Zach Mays(Nelsonville-York) dec. Gage Hysell(Westfall) 5-2
160: Shane Pelfrey(Chesapeake) dec. John Penn(Zane Trace) 7-0
171: Phillip Wiggers(Belpre) maj. dec. Coltan Joyce(Trimble) 13-4
189: Cody Stonerock(Zane Trace) dec. Seth Todd(Caldwell) 9-7SV
215: Justin Moore(West Muskingum) dec. Bryan Bowling(Westfall) 2-0
285: Josh Jones(Wellston) dec. Derrek Fulk(Crooksville) 8-2

Third Place
103: Austin Inman(Nelsonville-York) pin Landon Tomcho(Shenandoah) 0:44
112: Aaron Huffman(Westfall) dec. Joey Weisenberger(Zane Trace) 6-5
119: Alex McDonald(Chesapeake) dec. Robbie Postlewaite(Belpre) 9-7
125: Corey Lump(Paint Valley) tech. fall Josh B. Wilson(Zane Trace) 16-0
130: Drew Webster(Trimble) dec. Dez Hauber(Westfall) 3-1
135: Matt Bare(West Muskingum) dec. Aaron Hardy(Westfall) 2-1
140: Seth Stickley(Shenandoah) pin Jeremyah Tennant(Paint Valley) 2:42
145: Garrett Wireman(Fairland) over Ethan Lockhart(Belpre) forfeit
152: Kale Rayner(Caldwell) dec. Anthony Fleming(Wellston) 4-2
160: Cody Moore(Westfall) over Trent McVey(West Muskingum) forfeit
171: Nathaniel Brewer(Fairland) dec. Bryan McKee(Caldwell) 3-1
189: Micheal Little(Meigs) dec. Roger Dyer(Trimble) 14-7
215: Josh Flint(Zane Trace) dec. Jacob Coon(Nelsonville-York) 13-12
285: Nolan Taylor(Paint Valley) dec. John Vulgamore(Westfall) 6-2

Fifth Place
103: Derek Davis(Belpre) advanced with bye
112: Dallas Immell(Paint Valley) pin Shawn Johnson(Chesapeake) 1:35
119: Trevor Teets(Westfall) pin Cody Blake(Wellston) 1:38
125: Zac Cline(Caldwell) maj. dec. Aaron Keister(Crooksville) 15-3
130: Ryan Speakman(Zane Trace) maj. dec. Brady Norman(Wellston) 13-0
135: Jorge Wilkos(Shenandoah) dec. Todd Packard(Belpre) 16-9
140: Nate Patrick(Zane Trace) pin Brandon Jeffers(Alexander) 1:30
145: Josh MacGregor(Alexander) pin Matt Mulford(River Valley) 0:31
152: Wes Hurley(Paint Valley) dec. Mark Boedeker(Zane Trace) 5-4
160: Nick Hummerich(Caldwell) dec. Logan Michel(Shenandoah) 10-6
171: Michael Dodd(Shenandoah) dec. Jacobe Graves(Zane Trace) 7-1
189: T.J. Stewart(Crooksville) pin Anthony Wallace(Belpre) 0:59
215: Tim Schenkel(Caldwell) maj. dec. Blake Crow(Meigs) 13-0
285: Zachary Sheets(Meigs) pin Michael Daniels(Alexander) 1:36

Consolation Semifinal
103: Landon Tomcho(Shenandoah) advanced with bye
Austin Inman(Nelsonville-York) pin Derek Davis(Belpre) 0:29
112: Joey Weisenberger(Zane Trace) dec. Dallas Immell(Paint Valley) 10-3
Aaron Huffman(Westfall) pin Shawn Johnson(Chesapeake) 0:59
119: Robbie Postlewaite(Belpre) pin Trevor Teets(Westfall) 1:09
Alex McDonald(Chesapeake) pin Cody Blake(Wellston) 4:00
125: Josh B. Wilson(Zane Trace) maj. dec. Aaron Keister(Crooksville) 17-3
Corey Lump(Paint Valley) tech. fall Zac Cline(Caldwell) 15-0
130: Dez Hauber(Westfall) maj. dec. Brady Norman(Wellston) 12-3
Drew Webster(Trimble) tech. fall Ryan Speakman(Zane Trace) 16-1
135: Matt Bare(West Muskingum) maj. dec. Jorge Wilkos(Shenandoah) 15-2
Aaron Hardy(Westfall) pin Todd Packard(Belpre) 2:59
140: Jeremyah Tennant(Paint Valley) pin Brandon Jeffers(Alexander) 4:48
Seth Stickley(Shenandoah) pin Nate Patrick(Zane Trace) 4:01
145: Ethan Lockhart(Belpre) pin Josh MacGregor(Alexander) 1:33
Garrett Wireman(Fairland) pin Matt Mulford(River Valley) 2:01
152: Kale Rayner(Caldwell) maj. dec. Mark Boedeker(Zane Trace) 10-2
Anthony Fleming(Wellston) maj. dec. Wes Hurley(Paint Valley) 14-0
160: Cody Moore(Westfall) pin Nick Hummerich(Caldwell) 3:34
Trent McVey(West Muskingum) dec. Logan Michel(Shenandoah) 8-6
171: Nathaniel Brewer(Fairland) dec. Jacobe Graves(Zane Trace) 5-4
Bryan McKee(Caldwell) dec. Michael Dodd(Shenandoah) 9-4
189: Micheal Little(Meigs) dec. T.J. Stewart(Crooksville) 11-8
Roger Dyer(Trimble) dec. Anthony Wallace(Belpre) 9-3
215: Josh Flint(Zane Trace) pin Tim Schenkel(Caldwell) 2:02
Jacob Coon(Nelsonville-York) pin Blake Crow(Meigs) 0:59
285: Nolan Taylor(Paint Valley) pin Zachary Sheets(Meigs) 2:36
John Vulgamore(Westfall) pin Michael Daniels(Alexander) 2:33

103: Justin Pitts(Chesapeake) pin Landon Tomcho(Shenandoah) 0:26
Derek Thomas(Westfall) dec. Derek Davis(Belpre) 8-6
112: Jeremy Border(Caldwell) pin Joey Weisenberger(Zane Trace) 1:40
Billy Crock(Waterford) tech. fall Aaron Huffman(Westfall) 16-1
119: Thomas McLaughlin(Nelsonville-York) pin Trevor Teets(Westfall) 0:18
Travis Efaw(Waterford) pin Cody Blake(Wellston) 0:26
125: Carl Moody(Nelsonville-York) maj. dec. Josh B. Wilson(Zane Trace) 15-2
Tyler Reed(Waterford) pin Corey Lump(Paint Valley) 1:59
130: Jordan Ott(Paint Valley) pin Dez Hauber(Westfall) 5:53
Bobby Leitwein(Nelsonville-York) dec. Drew Webster(Trimble) 10-6
135: Zach Hook(Nelsonville-York) pin Matt Bare(West Muskingum) 4:31
Jacob Border(Caldwell) maj. dec. Aaron Hardy(Westfall) 9-0
140: Dakota Hook(Nelsonville-York) pin Jeremyah Tennant(Paint Valley) 2:43
Dean Miller(Waterford) pin Seth Stickley(Shenandoah) 4:59
145: Weston Davis(Zane Trace) maj. dec. Ethan Lockhart(Belpre) 20-8
Vincent Pickett(Westfall) maj. dec. Garrett Wireman(Fairland) 15-1
152: Zach Mays(Nelsonville-York) pin Kale Rayner(Caldwell) 5:22
Gage Hysell(Westfall) pin Anthony Fleming(Wellston) 1:29
160: Shane Pelfrey(Chesapeake) maj. dec. Nick Hummerich(Caldwell) 12-3
John Penn(Zane Trace) dec. Trent McVey(West Muskingum) 7-3
171: Phillip Wiggers(Belpre) dec. Nathaniel Brewer(Fairland) 8-1
Coltan Joyce(Trimble) pin Michael Dodd(Shenandoah) 4:31
189: Seth Todd(Caldwell) pin Micheal Little(Meigs) 1:08
Cody Stonerock(Zane Trace) pin Anthony Wallace(Belpre) 2:55
215: Bryan Bowling(Westfall) dec. Josh Flint(Zane Trace) 9-3
Justin Moore(West Muskingum) dec. Jacob Coon(Nelsonville-York) 12-5
285: Josh Jones(Wellston) dec. Nolan Taylor(Paint Valley) 3-1
Derrek Fulk(Crooksville) dec. John Vulgamore(Westfall) 5-3SV

Third Consolation
103: Austin Inman(Nelsonville-York) advanced with bye
112: Dallas Immell(Paint Valley) advanced with bye
Shawn Johnson(Chesapeake) advanced with bye
119: Robbie Postlewaite(Belpre) pin Jacob Wheeler(West Muskingum) 2:06
Alex McDonald(Chesapeake) pin Derek Deeter(Trimble) 3:48
125: Aaron Keister(Crooksville) pin Bryce Kesterson(Belpre) 2:37
Zac Cline(Caldwell) dec. Drew Mendenhall(Alexander) 3-0
130: Brady Norman(Wellston) maj. dec. Brandon Nylund(Fairland) 12-0
Ryan Speakman(Zane Trace) dec. Seth Mumford(Crooksville) 8-7
135: Jorge Wilkos(Shenandoah) pin Noah Massie(Wellston) 2:09
Todd Packard(Belpre) pin Robee Wallace(Paint Valley) 0:50
140: Brandon Jeffers(Alexander) pin Chance Jones(Belpre) 2:51
Nate Patrick(Zane Trace) pin Caleb VanMeter(Caldwell) 2:41
145: Josh MacGregor(Alexander) pin Falcon Owens(Waterford) 2:35
Matt Mulford(River Valley) pin Kyle Kottenbrook(Paint Valley) 4:47
152: Mark Boedeker(Zane Trace) dec. Clay Sprankle(Crooksville) 10-9
Wes Hurley(Paint Valley) pin Garrett Sheets(River Valley) 2:49
160: Cody Moore(Westfall) pin Jeffery Roush(Meigs) 0:20
Logan Michel(Shenandoah) pin John Abner(Southeastern) 2:50
171: Jacobe Graves(Zane Trace) pin Isiah Mello(Nelsonville-York) 3:38
Bryan McKee(Caldwell) dec. Richard Tumblson(Southeastern) 11-4
189: T.J. Stewart(Crooksville) dec. Brandon Bauerbach(Waterford) 6-2
Roger Dyer(Trimble) pin Derrick Loudermilk(Wellston) 1:48
215: Tim Schenkel(Caldwell) pin Chris Hughes(Chesapeake) 2:25
Blake Crow(Meigs) pin Thomas Slayton(Crooksville) 2:44
285: Zachary Sheets(Meigs) pin Richard McFarland(Chesapeake) 4:07
Michael Daniels(Alexander) dec. Stephon Poulton(Caldwell) 3-2

Second Consolation
119: Jacob Wheeler(West Muskingum) pin John Lancaster(Southeastern) 0:31
Derek Deeter(Trimble) dec. Levi Immell(Paint Valley) 7-5
125: Bryce Kesterson(Belpre) pin Paul Wilson(West Muskingum) 1:56
Aaron Keister(Crooksville) pin Nick Watson(River Valley) 2:07
Drew Mendenhall(Alexander) pin Brittany Atchison(Wellston) 1:42
Zac Cline(Caldwell) pin Jarod Vulgamore(Westfall) 4:31
130: Brady Norman(Wellston) pin Jordan Rife(River Valley) 2:05
Brandon Nylund(Fairland) pin Cody Anderson(Southeastern) 4:23
Ryan Speakman(Zane Trace) maj. dec. Jacob Sprigg(Belpre) 15-6
Seth Mumford(Crooksville) tech. fall Grant Pumphrey(West Muskingum) 17-2
135: Noah Massie(Wellston) pin Jon Campbell(River Valley) 1:19
Jorge Wilkos(Shenandoah) dec. Brandon Paul(Crooksville) 7-5
Todd Packard(Belpre) dec. Matt Boedeker(Zane Trace) 4-1
Robee Wallace(Paint Valley) maj. dec. Patrick Koga(Alexander) 12-0
140: Chance Jones(Belpre) dec. Robbie Todd(Fairland) 11-7
Brandon Jeffers(Alexander) pin Jordan Carr(West Muskingum) 4:19
Caleb VanMeter(Caldwell) maj. dec. Billy Duvall(Meigs) 11-1
Nate Patrick(Zane Trace) pin Paul Reynolds(River Valley) 0:44
145: Falcon Owens(Waterford) pin Mike Dailey(Nelsonville-York) 2:58
Josh MacGregor(Alexander) tech. fall Tommy Noble(Chesapeake) 16-0
Kyle Kottenbrook(Paint Valley) dec. Cody Williams(Meigs) 9-4
Matt Mulford(River Valley) pin Dustin Waugh(Southeastern) 1:26
152: Mark Boedeker(Zane Trace) pin Shane Ferguson(Shenandoah) 3:38
Clay Sprankle(Crooksville) pin Nick Dillon(Fairland) 2:35
Wes Hurley(Paint Valley) pin Nick Hudson(Meigs) 4:25
Garrett Sheets(River Valley) pin Brad Andrews(Alexander) 2:29
160: Cody Moore(Westfall) pin Clay Cottrill(Paint Valley) 4:18
Jeffery Roush(Meigs) pin Damen Estes(Alexander) 1:25
John Abner(Southeastern) pin Marcus Mullens(Wellston) 1:42
Logan Michel(Shenandoah) pin Justin Fulk(Crooksville) 3:34
171: Jacobe Graves(Zane Trace) pin Cody Oliver(Meigs) 2:01
Isiah Mello(Nelsonville-York) pin Shannon Zinn(Crooksville) 0:40
Bryan McKee(Caldwell) pin Colton Branscomb(Paint Valley) 1:41
Richard Tumblson(Southeastern) pin Cody Ray(Wellston) 0:28
189: Brandon Bauerbach(Waterford) dec. Roddy Long(Paint Valley) 5-0
T.J. Stewart(Crooksville) pin Brian Stout(West Muskingum) 2:16
Derrick Loudermilk(Wellston) dec. Seth Tucker(Fairland) 2-0
Roger Dyer(Trimble) pin Kyle Brown(River Valley) 1:52
215: Tim Schenkel(Caldwell) pin Austin Harmon(Shenandoah) 2:03
Chris Hughes(Chesapeake) dec. Cody Swiger(Fairland) 5-2
Thomas Slayton(Crooksville) pin Zane Carroll(River Valley) 0:52
Blake Crow(Meigs) pin Carl Williams(Trimble) 4:29
285: Richard McFarland(Chesapeake) pin Brian Zirkle(Fairland) 2:57
Stephon Poulton(Caldwell) dec. Christian Pugh(Southeastern) 4-3
Michael Daniels(Alexander) pin Shay Greenwalt(Zane Trace) 0:20

First Consolation
125: Nick Watson(River Valley) pin Jack Cyrus(Southeastern) 1:59
Zac Cline(Caldwell) maj. dec. Brenden Tweel(Fairland) 11-3
135: Robee Wallace(Paint Valley) dec. John Vaido(Trimble) 6-4
140: Robbie Todd(Fairland) dec. Rick Jones(Westfall) 8-5
Jordan Carr(West Muskingum) pin Derrick Gordon(Trimble) 3:21
Billy Duvall(Meigs) pin Wes Bame(Wellston) 1:49
Paul Reynolds(River Valley) pin J.R. Mcneely(Crooksville) 3:37
145: Mike Dailey(Nelsonville-York) pin Austin Hammers(Crooksville) 3:33
Tommy Noble(Chesapeake) dec. Shawn Cox(Trimble) 9-8
Kyle Kottenbrook(Paint Valley) pin Craig Davis(Caldwell) 3:34
Matt Mulford(River Valley) pin Ian Wood(Shenandoah) 1:25
152: Nick Dillon(Fairland) dec. Gabriel Freyre(Chesapeake) 7-5
Brad Andrews(Alexander) dec. Lee Parker(Belpre) 6-4UTB
160: Logan Michel(Shenandoah) pin Patrick McCoy(Fairland) 0:45
171: Isiah Mello(Nelsonville-York) pin Eli Kimble(River Valley) 3:21
Richard Tumblson(Southeastern) pin Charlie Teisinger(West Muskingum) 1:28
215: Cody Swiger(Fairland) maj. dec. Zackary Lucas(Alexander) 14-1
Thomas Slayton(Crooksville) pin Blake Pinkerton(Southeastern) 1:38
Blake Crow(Meigs) maj. dec. Tyler Murray(Paint Valley) 16-3

103: Justin Pitts(Chesapeake) pin Austin Inman(Nelsonville-York) 2:20
Landon Tomcho(Shenandoah) advanced with bye
Derek Davis(Belpre) advanced with bye
Derek Thomas(Westfall) advanced with bye
112: Jeremy Border(Caldwell) pin Shawn Johnson(Chesapeake) 1:26
Joey Weisenberger(Zane Trace) advanced with bye
Aaron Huffman(Westfall) dec. Dallas Immell(Paint Valley) 6-0
Billy Crock(Waterford) advanced with bye
119: Thomas McLaughlin(Nelsonville-York) pin Alex McDonald(Chesapeake) 3:59
Trevor Teets(Westfall) pin Levi Immell(Paint Valley) 2:48
Cody Blake(Wellston) dec. Robbie Postlewaite(Belpre) 10-6
Travis Efaw(Waterford) pin John Lancaster(Southeastern) 2:34
125: Carl Moody(Nelsonville-York) pin Jarod Vulgamore(Westfall) 0:17
Josh B. Wilson(Zane Trace) maj. dec. Drew Mendenhall(Alexander) 13-2
Corey Lump(Paint Valley) tech. fall Aaron Keister(Crooksville) 18-1
Tyler Reed(Waterford) tech. fall Paul Wilson(West Muskingum) 16-0
130: Jordan Ott(Paint Valley) pin Seth Mumford(Crooksville) 3:36
Dez Hauber(Westfall) maj. dec. Ryan Speakman(Zane Trace) 18-6
Drew Webster(Trimble) pin Cody Anderson(Southeastern) 2:23
Bobby Leitwein(Nelsonville-York) pin Brady Norman(Wellston) 2:57
135: Zach Hook(Nelsonville-York) pin Patrick Koga(Alexander) 0:15
Matt Bare(West Muskingum) dec. Matt Boedeker(Zane Trace) 9-4
Aaron Hardy(Westfall) pin Jorge Wilkos(Shenandoah) 4:35
Jacob Border(Caldwell) pin Noah Massie(Wellston) 1:12
140: Dakota Hook(Nelsonville-York) pin Nate Patrick(Zane Trace) 2:35
Jeremyah Tennant(Paint Valley) maj. dec. Caleb VanMeter(Caldwell) 19-5
Seth Stickley(Shenandoah) dec. Brandon Jeffers(Alexander) 9-6
Dean Miller(Waterford) pin Chance Jones(Belpre) 2:49
145: Weston Davis(Zane Trace) pin Dustin Waugh(Southeastern) 0:25
Ethan Lockhart(Belpre) pin Cody Williams(Meigs) 1:44
Garrett Wireman(Fairland) pin Josh MacGregor(Alexander) 1:30
Vincent Pickett(Westfall) pin Falcon Owens(Waterford) 1:20
152: Zach Mays(Nelsonville-York) tech. fall Garrett Sheets(River Valley) 16-1
Kale Rayner(Caldwell) maj. dec. Wes Hurley(Paint Valley) 10-2
Anthony Fleming(Wellston) pin Clay Sprankle(Crooksville) 3:10
Gage Hysell(Westfall) tech. fall Mark Boedeker(Zane Trace) 17-1
160: Shane Pelfrey(Chesapeake) pin Justin Fulk(Crooksville) 1:13
Nick Hummerich(Caldwell) pin John Abner(Southeastern) 3:37
Trent McVey(West Muskingum) dec. Jeffery Roush(Meigs) 12-9
John Penn(Zane Trace) pin Cody Moore(Westfall) 1:26
171: Phillip Wiggers(Belpre) pin Cody Ray(Wellston) 0:30
Nathaniel Brewer(Fairland) pin Bryan McKee(Caldwell) 2:30
Michael Dodd(Shenandoah) pin Shannon Zinn(Crooksville) 0:45
Coltan Joyce(Trimble) pin Jacobe Graves(Zane Trace) 1:31
189: Seth Todd(Caldwell) pin Roger Dyer(Trimble) 0:53
Micheal Little(Meigs) pin Seth Tucker(Fairland) 5:51
Anthony Wallace(Belpre) pin T.J. Stewart(Crooksville) 1:06
Cody Stonerock(Zane Trace) pin Brandon Bauerbach(Waterford) 2:27
215: Bryan Bowling(Westfall) pin Carl Williams(Trimble) 0:59
Josh Flint(Zane Trace) pin Zane Carroll(River Valley) 1:18
Jacob Coon(Nelsonville-York) pin Chris Hughes(Chesapeake) 2:45
Justin Moore(West Muskingum) dec. Tim Schenkel(Caldwell) 10-6
285: Josh Jones(Wellston) pin Shay Greenwalt(Zane Trace) 0:36
Nolan Taylor(Paint Valley) pin Christian Pugh(Southeastern) 0:36
John Vulgamore(Westfall) pin Zachary Sheets(Meigs) 2:47
Derrek Fulk(Crooksville) pin Richard McFarland(Chesapeake) 2:46

First Round
119: Thomas McLaughlin(Nelsonville-York) pin Jacob Wheeler(West Muskingum) 0:11
Robbie Postlewaite(Belpre) pin Derek Deeter(Trimble) 4:18
125: Jarod Vulgamore(Westfall) dec. Bryce Kesterson(Belpre) 17-11
Drew Mendenhall(Alexander) dec. Nick Watson(River Valley) 8-7
Josh B. Wilson(Zane Trace) pin Jack Cyrus(Southeastern) 1:11
Corey Lump(Paint Valley) pin Brittany Atchison(Wellston) 2:13
Paul Wilson(West Muskingum) pin Brenden Tweel(Fairland) 3:24
Tyler Reed(Waterford) maj. dec. Zac Cline(Caldwell) 13-1
130: Jordan Ott(Paint Valley) pin Jordan Rife(River Valley) 3:09
Dez Hauber(Westfall) pin Brandon Nylund(Fairland) 1:00
Cody Anderson(Southeastern) pin Jacob Sprigg(Belpre) 0:51
Bobby Leitwein(Nelsonville-York) pin Grant Pumphrey(West Muskingum) 1:34
135: Zach Hook(Nelsonville-York) pin Jon Campbell(River Valley) 0:30
Matt Bare(West Muskingum) tech. fall Brandon Paul(Crooksville) 19-2
Aaron Hardy(Westfall) pin Todd Packard(Belpre) 3:43
Noah Massie(Wellston) pin John Vaido(Trimble) 2:54
Jacob Border(Caldwell) pin Robee Wallace(Paint Valley) 0:48
140: Dakota Hook(Nelsonville-York) pin Rick Jones(Westfall) 3:58
Nate Patrick(Zane Trace) tech. fall Robbie Todd(Fairland) 16-0
Caleb VanMeter(Caldwell) pin Derrick Gordon(Trimble) 0:44
Jeremyah Tennant(Paint Valley) pin Jordan Carr(West Muskingum) 5:18
Brandon Jeffers(Alexander) pin Wes Bame(Wellston) 2:52
Seth Stickley(Shenandoah) tech. fall Billy Duvall(Meigs) 16-1
Chance Jones(Belpre) pin Paul Reynolds(River Valley) 5:40
Dean Miller(Waterford) pin J.R. Mcneely(Crooksville) 2:32
145: Weston Davis(Zane Trace) pin Mike Dailey(Nelsonville-York) 1:23
Dustin Waugh(Southeastern) pin Austin Hammers(Crooksville) 5:25
Cody Williams(Meigs) dec. Tommy Noble(Chesapeake) 5-3
Ethan Lockhart(Belpre) pin Shawn Cox(Trimble) 1:43
Garrett Wireman(Fairland) pin Kyle Kottenbrook(Paint Valley) 0:46
Josh MacGregor(Alexander) dec. Craig Davis(Caldwell) 13-12
Falcon Owens(Waterford) pin Ian Wood(Shenandoah) 3:44
Vincent Pickett(Westfall) pin Matt Mulford(River Valley) 1:05
152: Zach Mays(Nelsonville-York) pin Shane Ferguson(Shenandoah) 1:30
Kale Rayner(Caldwell) pin Nick Dillon(Fairland) 1:34
Wes Hurley(Paint Valley) dec. Gabriel Freyre(Chesapeake) 2-1
Anthony Fleming(Wellston) pin Nick Hudson(Meigs) 2:28
Mark Boedeker(Zane Trace) tech. fall Lee Parker(Belpre) 19-2
Gage Hysell(Westfall) pin Brad Andrews(Alexander) 3:25
160: Shane Pelfrey(Chesapeake) pin Clay Cottrill(Paint Valley) 0:32
John Abner(Southeastern) dec. Damen Estes(Alexander) 22-21
Trent McVey(West Muskingum) pin Marcus Mullens(Wellston) 5:39
Cody Moore(Westfall) pin Logan Michel(Shenandoah) 4:57
John Penn(Zane Trace) pin Patrick McCoy(Fairland) 1:00
171: Phillip Wiggers(Belpre) pin Cody Oliver(Meigs) 1:18
Bryan McKee(Caldwell) pin Isiah Mello(Nelsonville-York) 2:55
Nathaniel Brewer(Fairland) pin Eli Kimble(River Valley) 1:59
Michael Dodd(Shenandoah) pin Colton Branscomb(Paint Valley) 2:51
Jacobe Graves(Zane Trace) pin Charlie Teisinger(West Muskingum) 1:44
Coltan Joyce(Trimble) pin Richard Tumblson(Southeastern) 2:38
189: Seth Todd(Caldwell) pin Roddy Long(Paint Valley) 0:28
Micheal Little(Meigs) pin Brian Stout(West Muskingum) 1:49
Anthony Wallace(Belpre) pin Derrick Loudermilk(Wellston) 2:31
Cody Stonerock(Zane Trace) pin Kyle Brown(River Valley) 2:28
215: Bryan Bowling(Westfall) pin Austin Harmon(Shenandoah) 0:49
Zane Carroll(River Valley) pin Cody Swiger(Fairland) 1:55
Josh Flint(Zane Trace) pin Zackary Lucas(Alexander) 1:15
Jacob Coon(Nelsonville-York) pin Blake Pinkerton(Southeastern) 1:59
Chris Hughes(Chesapeake) pin Thomas Slayton(Crooksville) 1:54
Tim Schenkel(Caldwell) pin Tyler Murray(Paint Valley) 4:34
Justin Moore(West Muskingum) pin Blake Crow(Meigs) 1:52
285: Josh Jones(Wellston) pin Brian Zirkle(Fairland) 1:07
John Vulgamore(Westfall) pin Stephon Poulton(Caldwell) 1:29
Derrek Fulk(Crooksville) pin Michael Daniels(Alexander) 0:53

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Re: SE Sectional, Div III, Jackson OH - 18 teams

Post by Lil&BigBucksMom » February 21st, 2010, 10:30 am

Way to go Buckeyes!!!!! Congrats to the champions and all others!! It took the whole team to get the points!!!!!

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Re: SE Sectional, Div III, Jackson OH - 18 teams

Post by NYBuckeye96 » February 21st, 2010, 4:58 pm

GO BUCKS!!!!!!! Congrats on the team victory!!!!!

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Re: SE Sectional, Div III, Jackson OH - 18 teams

Post by 4 HORSEMEN » February 22nd, 2010, 12:35 pm

I just read about the Buckeye Team Sectional Title in the paper :!: :!: :!:

Congratulations boys (and Coach Yinger) on another outstanding season.

Also, a special congratulations to Zach Hook, Dakota Hook, Thomas McLaughlin, Bobby Leitwein, and Zach Mays for winning individual honors :!:

Keep up the hard work, and good luck at the next level ;-)

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