A early look at 2017 SOC

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A early look at 2017 SOC

Post by noreply66 » Mon Dec 05, 2016 9:55 pm


Portsmouth Clay and Eastern will be at the bottom. Don't see either school placing in too many events. 2 or 3 at the most. Might not get double digit points from either.

Eastern finish at the bottom and Clay 11th a head of Western and Eastern

South Webster and Green should finish out of the cellar scoring in 3 or 4 events. I can see Green scoring in more events but South Webster will get more points in their events to finish a head of Green. Don't see either one getting 20 points.

South Webster made me look foolish with their # 3 finish. Green took 9th

Portsmouth West should take the 8th spot by scoring in 6 events an average of 3.7 per event. 25 points is about all I can see them scoring.

West dropped to 10th

7th place will be Valley, scoring near 40 points in within 8 events , about 4.9 point in the events they place in.

Valley didn't finish where I thought

Oak Hill will take the 6th spot scoring in 7 events at a 6.8 rate. A bad day just might have them fall behind Valley and a real good day could put them in the 5th spot.

Oak Hill took 6th

The 5th spot should go to Notre Dame. Should be at the middle of the pack in 11 events with a 5.4 average. Same here as with West. A bad day could have them fall behind OH. It looks to be too much for them to catch the 4th spot.

ND had a nice day to finish a head of Oak Hill by 15 points to take #5

Minford will have a strong showing but will fall sort of the 3rd spot. Will score in most of the events but the overall average in those events will be 5.6 to keep them under 100 for the meet.

Minford didn't have the team I thought as they fell to 7th

Should be a battle for 2nd place between Northwest and Wheelersburg. Both should score in 13/15 events. Northwest will score in more events at an average of 6.8, but I see Wheelersburg scoring more with a average of 8.3 in 13 events. Less than 10 points will decide 2nd place. Look for both team top 100 points

Northwest didn't show me they had what I though and fell to 4th. Wheelersburg was much stronger than it looked like they would be.

1st place will go to Waverly very easy. Has a real good chance of scoring in every event at a rate of 9.2. Should outscore the number two team by 40 points.

Looks like Waverly didn''t bring their game as they fell to 2nd ..23 point out of 1st. The Burg wins this one.


Western, South Webster and Eastern will be at the bottom. The 3 will find it hard to score in 3 events. I see Eastern with a little better team followed with South Webster. Western might look to be the weakest but these three are real close together and anyone could finish a head of the other two.

Man ...was I wrong about South Webster and Eastern as they finished 4th and 5th. Western even finish out of the cellar.

8th and 9th could go to Notre Dame and Green. Each could score in up to 7 events. Green looks to have the edge with averaging 3.2 points to 3.0 in the events they should score in. Don't see either school jumping into the 7th spot

ND finished last and Green jumped in 10th

6th and 7th will be Oak Hill and Portsmouth West. West looks to be the better team with a chance to score in more events but Oak Hill will average more points in their events. I see West pulling the 6th place out.

Oak Hill took 11th and West 7th

Valley looks to be in the 5th spot by themselves but a bad day might let West bump them. Valley will score in 9/10 events and average 5.6 points. I don't see any way for them to get into the 4th spot.

Valley took 8th

Northwest will be all alone in the 4th spot. Could score in 13 events with an average of 6.2. Bad or good day will keep them in the 4th spot

Northwest finished in the 6 spot

The 3rd spot goes to Wheelersburg. Burg will have a chance to score in 17 events but I see them falling short in a couple and fall short of 100 points. To get into the 2nd spot they will have to find about 20 points and hope for the second spot to have a bad day.

Burg took 3rd

Minford will be strong but not strong enough to get into the 1st spot. They too will have a chance to score in 17 events but the average will only be 7.4. I do see them scoring over 100 points

Minford too 2nd some 40 plus points back of 1st place Waverly

Waverly looks like they will run away with the championship. Their depth will show in all 17 events and just might push 200 points with an average of 11 to 12 points in each event.

Waverly didn't push 200 points but did have a 43 point margin over #2.

Waverly will take the girls and boys championship with close to 350 points between them.

Picked both Waverly teams here but went 1 and 1 to set at 7 and 5

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Re: A early look at 2017 SOC

Post by noreply66 » Sat May 20, 2017 7:45 am

prediction and how they finished
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