A early look at the SEO-Mix 2017

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A early look at the SEO-Mix 2017

Post by noreply66 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 9:41 pm

On the girls side it looks like Amanda and Berne Union are the weakest. Both could compete with a lot of the other southeastern Ohio teams. Going up against the other six here I can see them scoring in several events.

Fisher Catholic would be the next team up. They are far better than the bottom two but not enough to go up any further. Fisher could finish with scoring in over a dozen events but only two you could call strong.

Circleville could push around 90 points against this bunch with scoring in 14/15 events. But that wouldn't be enough to get in the top four.

Fairfield Christian and Logan Elm look to be equal and should meet a few times during the season. Both have a great chance to score in every event and I would hate to pick the better team.

Fairfield Union and Marietta would come out of the blocks at each other all day and they would go through several lead changes. Don't know if they will meet each other or not in 2017. They both are strong in about the same amount of events and the same would go for the weaker events. Fairfield Union will come out and take the 4x800 and Marietta would have to have the lead going into the 4x400 because they look to be at opposite ends for the last race.

On the boys side Fisher Catholic looks to struggle this season and I see them at the bottom of these eight schools.

Amanda will be down too and will struggle most of the year. Might score in 10 events at the most in this field but most would be bottom half points.

Circleville took a big hit in graduation and it will show big time. Can't see them scoring any more than 75 points against these teams. Points will come from about a dozen events but only a few will bring top points.

Marietta, Fairfield Christian along with Berne Union look to push towards 100 points. All three could score in 15 events. I would say they would be so close that they would keep jumping out in front of the others several times.

Logan Elm looks to be a solid 2nd in this bunch. Could score in every event but six will need a lot of work to push the number one team.

Fairfield Union boys look strong this season. Against this bunch I could see them score 10 or more points in 13 events.

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