chillicothe fairweather relays 2017 edition

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chillicothe fairweather relays 2017 edition

Post by jumphigh » Mon Mar 13, 2017 9:19 am

Chillicothe High School
Fairweather Relays
March 25, 2017

Event Schedule

Field events 10:00 A.M.

Entries will be on

Awards will be trophies for the top 2 teams

$75 entry fee per team; $100 entry fee for both boys and girls teams if paid before the meet, $150 entry fee for both boys and girls teams if not paid before the meet.

Girls - High Jump/Shot Put/Pole Vault Boys - Long Jump/Discus/Pole Vault
Will run shot and discus in 2 flights
(Note: Girls will vault first, followed by the Boys)

Girls - Long Jump/Discus Boys – High Jump/Shot Put

3 participants may be entered in each field event.
Throwing events will be 2-2 the first throw will be marked and then the second throw however only the farthest mark will be measured

We will run 3 jv races which will not be scored nor will they be officially timed. Coaches if you want times on your athletes please time them.

Bar will start at 6’ in Girls Pole Vault. Will go up (6’ --7’ – 8’ - 8’6 etc ) Then the bar will increase 6”
Bar will start at 8’ in Boys Pole Vault.( 8’ – 9’ -10 - 10’6) Then the bar will raise 6” at a time.
Bar will start at 4’ for Girls High Jump. Will go up 3” at a time until there are 3 competitors left.. Then will raise 1 “ at a time until all eliminated.
Bar will start at 5’ for Boys High Jump. Will raise 3” at a time until 3 competitors left. Then will raise 1” at a time until all eliminated

Long Jump will be open pit for 75 minutes (Boys), 75 minutes (Girls)


Taeys valley
Washington courthouse
Madison plains

Running events 10:30 AM
In case of multiple heats time will determine place
Number of Heats will be determined by number of teams with this relay
G/B 4 x 1600 meter relay
G 4 x 100 meter shuttle hurdles (30 in.)
B 4 x 110 meter shuttle hurdles (33 in.)
G/B jv 100 (not scored)
G/B 4 x 100 meter relay
G/B 4 x 800 meter relay
G/B jv 200 meters (not scored)
G/B Sprint medley relay (100-100-200-400)
G/B jv 800 run (not scored)
G/B 4 x 200 meter relay
G/B Distance medley relay (800-400-1200-1600)
G/B 4 x 400 meter relay

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