Crystal Springs Jr. Tournament (7/25/17)

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Crystal Springs Jr. Tournament (7/25/17)

Post by ferflog » Tue Jul 25, 2017 7:59 pm

Crystal Springs Junior Golf Tournament
Crystal Springs Golf Club; Hopewell, OH (Par 71)
Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Boys 16-18 Division (white tees):
Dalton Crowley (Tri-Valley) 74 [won 3-man playoff for first place]
Devin Webster (Meadowbrook; Marietta College) 74 [won playoff for 2nd place]
Logan Desender (Coshocton) 74
Kolton Foraker (New Lexington) 75
Cody Cogdill (Watkins Memorial) 75
Heath Knight (Sheridan) 76
Reese Andrews (Coshocton) 77
Trey Givens (New Lexington) 77
Colin Armentrout (Heath) 80
Derek Graham (John Glenn) 80
Caden Clouse (Sheridan) 81
Otto Ridenour (West Muskingum) 85
Tucker Rogers (Meadowbrook) 85
Austin Sweitzer (Heath) 85
Cage Black (Meadowbrook) 88
James Bradley (Maysville) 96

Girls 13-18 Division (red tees):
Makyla Lewellen (Maysville; Southern New Hampshire University) 68
Joslyn Goins (Zanesville; Ohio Valley University) 70
Jewel Goins (Zanesville) 72
Alyssa Shawger (Tri-Valley) 80
Riley McKenzie (Crooksville) 84
Reily Bennett (West Muskingum) 101
Katie Shawger (Tri-Valley) 109
Laine Welker (Tri-Valley) 114
Gabby Ihenfeld (West Muskingum) 116

Boys 13-15 Division (white tees):
Payne Johnson (Barnesville) 80
Drew Johnson (Tri-Valley) 81
Luken Hoffman (New Lexington) 83
Owen Carney (Crooksville) 84
Lucas Huston (River View) 86
Austin Masterson (Morgan) 88
Devan Burris (John Glenn) 90
Brady Graham (John Glenn) 91
Dominic Cork (Cambridge) 92
Dylan Mitchell (West Muskingum) 92
Cale Bible (River View) 94
Jacob Allen (West Muskingum) 99
Seth Brandfass (West Muskingum) 99
Kaden Foraker (New Lexington) 99
Reid Coconis (Sheridan) 104
Kyle Bryan (West Muskingum) 114
Coen Bible (River View) 118
Cole Eltringham (Meadowbrook) 119

Boys 12 & Under Division (red tees; 9 holes):
Gavin Gress (River View) 43
Colton Gress (River View) 45
Jack Porter (West Muskingum) 46
Noah Dever (John Glenn) 47
Brandon Stevenson (New Lexington) 55
Carter Baird (Sheridan) 66

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