Gallia Academy 36 Licking Valley 12 Round 1 Region 15 2018

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Re: Region 15 #7 Licking Valley @ #2 Gallia Academy

Post by Hercules » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:27 pm

Thank you Blue Devil football and Seniors. You brought a lot of pride back to the community.

Good luck to Licking Valley going forward

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Re: Gallia Academy 36 Licking Valley 12 Round 1 Region 15 2018

Post by mattash » Sun Nov 04, 2018 4:19 pm

Gallia Academy 36 Licking Valley 12

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Re: Region 15 #7 Licking Valley @ #2 Gallia Academy

Post by loganlocos » Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:20 am

Forever Blue wrote:
Sun Nov 04, 2018 11:25 am

Those were great games! Had a recent conversation about a Logan game in Logan when Dustin Winters got hurt by a "bad" hit. The Blue Devil fans went berserk & were throwing trash on the field. Logan brought the cops & the dogs on the field. Dustin was carried off on a stretcher & raised his arms. The Gallia Academy fans erupted. Those were great games. Same game, Donnie Johnson tricked the defense and hid the ball behind is back all alone in the back field & threw that long, long pass. Awesome! Those were the days of the back to back to back to back playoff years with Coach Saunders then Coach Bokovitz/Coach Penrod. Still got all my playoff shirts. I've got big hopes for the Gallia Academy team with Coach Penrod. Bring it back to the tradition we were building. Can we go back to blue & white uniforms?

Gallia Academy don't hang your heads low. Now, you know what to expect. Don't get bitter get better. Stay focused and do well again next year too! :twisted:
Great memories.

Those were actually two different games - 2003 was the year Donnie put on a CLINIC to clinch and outright league title and DOMINATED an above average Logan defense. DJ's 2003 season was the BEST individual performance I've ever seen in the SEOAL. He was a deserved MVP in a year where Grant Gregory (Athens), Jared Humphreys (Jackson), and Austin Rohr (Logan) all had amazing seasons AND all three were D1 scholarship athletes (football, baseball, and track respectively).

The Winters game was 2005.

Lots of good battles at Bill Sauer Field and Memorial Field.

Was in Jackson on Saturday. Amazing support from the Gallipolis community. What a turn around for a proud program.

Ran into a bit of a buzzsaw - LV was just a bit quicker than the Blue Devils and didn't make many mistakes. GAHS could have made the game closer without any mistakes/mental errrors, but still an amazing year. Onward and upward, Devils.

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