Article: Clear Fork 20 Bryan 6

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Article: Clear Fork 20 Bryan 6

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After my early game in Gates Mills, Ohio I headed to Bellville, A small village in Richland County, to watch the game between visiting Bryan Golden Bears and the home town Clear Fork Colts. The crowd was pretty good,especially taking into consideration that several Bryan fans said the drive was close to a three hours. I have to say Bryan has some solid fans, all but one seemed pretty cool.

This was one of those games that you ask yourself, was that good defense or horrible offensive play calling that made the defense look great? Unofficially Bryan ran 29-plays in the second half, totaling minus one yard, for the game I had them with 115 yards on 67-plays.Most of those plays were running the QB up the gut. They did throw the ball 29 times, completing just 11 throws, while being intercepted 3 times. In the second half they threw 13 incompletions, not counting two picks in that span.

The first Bryan job was a little strange. First a pass completion to Austin Dean was held to just a one yard gain, when Gabe Blauser pounced on the receiver rather quickly. Then the drive continued when a Clear Ford player tipped the ball, as it was punted, but the refs called roughing the kicker, on the Colts. From there the Colts defense shut things down and put its offense on the field, after a clean second punt.

At the 4:10 mark of the quarter Keegan Brown picked off a Colts pass, as the Bears defense showed early that it was going to be tough to throw on. It would not take long for the bears to get on the scoreboard from there. A completion at the 2:25 mark from Nate Miller to Titus Rohrer on third and three gave put the bar on the Colts eight yard line. Then Miler dove in from five yards out to put the visitors up 6-0, with the point after being missed.

The Bryan defense, who deserved a lot better than they got from its offense, would get another interception at the :40 second mark of the quarter, when #13(NOT ON THE ROSTERS I HAVE)stepped in front of the pass thrown by Brennan South. On the ensuing drive, the highlight came from the Colts defense, when James Watts, took one hand and slung Miller to the ground.

With 7:38 remaining in the half, the Colts got a pass reception from South to a speedy Caden Flynn, who after making the catch easily out ran the defense, for a 64-yard score. The point after kickoff of the foot of #3 Gabe Blauser, made this a 7-6 Colts lead.

Lineman Michael Chillemi would make a one-handed interception for the colts giving the offense the ball only seven yards away from another score, with 7:11 left in the half. However the Bears defense refused to break and kept the Colts off of the scoreboard. A fourth and five, from the five was stopped by the Bears to end any hopes of a score.

Bryan would get two big plays before the half ended, but could not score. The first play was a long run on a scramble by Miller to keep a drive alive. Then a Miller to Titus Rohrer was good for 31-yards. All in all the final drive from Bryan in the half went for 13-plays and 91-yards but zero points. Now remember I had Bryan unofficially with 115 yards total and as you see 91-was on this drive.

Defense ruled the third quarter, with two plays sticking out to me,. The first being Rohrer making a sweet play holding Jared Schaefer to a short gain, when it appeared he was set to take off. That forced a Colts punt. Then the Colts tried a flea flicker only to see South's pass being picked off by Logan Clemens.

The fourth quarter would see the both defenses play well. At the 11:56 mark of the final frame, the Colts faced a fourth and three and sent Schafer up the gut and he was easily held short of the first down marker.

The biggest play of the game came with 8:36 left, when Miller keyed in on his receiver making an easy pick for Ashton Lyon, who took it to the house for a pick six. The point after kick made this a 14-6 Colts lead.

A one yard plunge by Brady Tedrow plus the point after kick made this a 20-6 game.Lyon would make another pick with 1:33 left to secure the ugly win and keep the Colts undefeated.

Unofficial Stats
67 Plays
115 Yards
Passing 11-29 3 INT'S

Clear Fork
62 Plays
221 Yards
Passing 6-18 3 INT'S 1 TD

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