Valenth's take on the Massive demise of ESPN...

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Valenth's take on the Massive demise of ESPN...

Post by Valenth » Mon May 01, 2017 5:03 pm

We continue to hear about more and more layoffs at ESPN. And we aren't just talking about sideline reporters. Were talking about long time analysts who had been with the company for a decade or longer.

The two sports that suffered the WORST out of all.... COLLEGE BASKETBALL AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

BUT, What has caused this mass exodus of employment at such a major company?

Linda Cohn, longtime ESPN Sportscenter anchor mentioned one word and I totally agree with her. Its "Politics"

I believe that viewership was tanking due to the continued "Lovefest" of certain Sports Programs (Alabama, Duke, Golden State etc.)

Most Viewers got tired of watching the repetition of praising and lauding of Nick Saban, Coach K and Steph Curry. And they finally decided to move to Sports sources such as FOX Sports, CBS Sportsnetwork and NBC Sports. Where less such bias was prevalent.

And when ESPN decided to create the SEC Network. It only further proved the "Lovefest" for the Collegiate conference.

If I'm wrong about ESPN. Then why aren't we hearing about Layoffs at any of the other Sports Networks? Why Not? Because of Less bias. They don't live at Nick Sabans house or hide in Coach K's Bathroom or sleep in Steph curry's bed.

Just my take on what is going on at the so called "Leader in Sports"

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Re: Valenth's take on the Massive demise of ESPN...

Post by trojandave » Mon May 01, 2017 5:45 pm

From my personal situation, there are so many sports channels to watch other than ESPN. I still watch it, but on my cable package I have almost a dozen other sports channels in which most have something interesting to watch. I have never been a big fan of SportsCenter because I would rather watch a game or event live rather than see just highlights which don't tell the whole story.

ESPN will survive, but will probably have to do a makeover to get back viewers that have left.

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Re: Valenth's take on the Massive demise of ESPN...

Post by Chieftain2009 » Mon May 01, 2017 7:13 pm

The big reason for the trouble, is all the other available sports networks. But I would have to agree that the certain things that ESPN "loves" so much has a big part to do about it, and people just get tired of it. Personally, I only watch ESPN when there is a game on that I want to watch.
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Re: Valenth's take on the Massive demise of ESPN...

Post by Tigercannon71 » Thu May 04, 2017 10:09 am

When I was younger I never missed Sportscenter. Id watch it from 8-11 no matter it was the same show over and over. Now I barely watch it. If I watch ESPN I only watch maybe PTI and thats about it unless they have a ballgame on I want to watch or a 30 for 30 I want to watch. ESPN has went downhill big time.

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Re: Valenth's take on the Massive demise of ESPN...

Post by cbolt » Thu May 04, 2017 1:01 pm

Same here, I only watch it for big games now. I do use their website a lot to check out stats ect. I have watched a few of them 30 for 30's, they are interesting. I esp. liked the Marcus Dupree one. I never knew he went through that much turmoil back then.

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