Week 3 Predictions

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Week 3 Predictions

Post by mattash » Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:54 pm

WK3 June 18th

10:15 Jazz/Castle v Cavs/Moore
Sartin 9.7 and Gobel 8.3 tough inside but will struggle with big man Thompson 16 and Gilbert
Cavs 51 Jazz 43

11:00 T-Wolves/Mayse v Bulls/Bayes
Boggs (23) an early MVP canidate way to strong for the T-Wolves
Bulls 88 T-Wolves 66

12:00 Jordan/Warriors v Stewart/Pelicans
Pelicans guards Carter (34) and Johnson (27) are the best combo in the league but they face the defending champs with tons of former MVP's
Warriors go to 3-0 while the Pelicans get their first L. Warriors 94 Pelicans 77

1:00 Kratzenberg/Knicks v Stewart/Pelicans
Pelicans bounce back with a 10 point win Pelicans 88 Knicks 78

2:00 Butler/Suns v Thomas/Blazers
Both teams coming off big losses last week. Suns pull off the narrow victory this week. Suns 54 Blazers 50

3:00 Rockers/Cooke v Liberty/Puryear
Rockers get another lopsided win. Liberty guard Booth (24) tries to keep them in the game but the Rockers are loaded.
Rockers 72 Liberty 41

4:00 Storm/Harper v Sparks/Delong
Sparks start off 3-0 waiting the big showdown with the Rockers.
Sparks 50 Storm 33

5:00 Cherry/Kings v Kearns/Lakers
Battle for 2nd place in power poll. Taylors league leading 32 points along with bigs WIlliams 16 and Pennington 25 always struggle vs. Kings
Kings 67 Lakers 65 (Game of the Day)

6:00 Miracle/Fleming v Dream/Taylor
Miracle bounce back from a week 1 loss with a 15 point win over the Dream
Miracle 45 Dream 30

7:00 Blair/Pacers v Parsons/Thunder
Both teams coming in 0-2. Thunder D Champions from Summer 2016 get their first W of the year

8:00 Edens/Spurs v Mauk/Sonics
Scotty Jones, Scotty Jones, Scotty Jones with the big 50 last week get his big man this week to help bring them back to .500
Sonics 88 Spurs 55

9:00 Combs/Heat v Celtics/Kazee
Most likely a physical game, Heat edges out Steele town Celtics 64-59

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