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Logan 54 Vinton County 77 a final ...

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:15 am
by pfloyd
Logan 54
Vinton County 77 a final ...

... it's a week night ... I'm old & have a day job so there won't be any "play by play" on this ... I'll cut to the chase and do my best Joe Friday imitation by just giving the facts :

*** Vinton County WAS DEFINITELY the better TEAM tonight at VC
*** Logan got schooled in every phase of the game tonight at VC
*** the calling of timeouts usually tells you about how games are going, IF that is the case this one was over early as Logan called 2 timeouts in the FIRST QUARTER to try to keep contact with the Vikings ... 1st qtr. TOs ALL Logan 4:45 LHS trailing 5-8 ... 1:52 LHS 6 VC 13 ... 2nd Quarter more of the same with VC extending it's lead 2nd Qtr. Logan TO 2:45 remaining Logan 20 VS 28 ... the final TO of the game was again called by Logan in the 3rd Qtr. @ the 6:34 mark of the 3rd Logan trailing 27 to 44 ... Coach Combs called no TO's in the game as Vinton County had this one solidly in hand at all qtr breaks :

VC 17 Logan 11 end of 1
VC 38 Logan 25 at intermission
VC 53 Logan 38 after 3
Vinton County 77 Logan 54 a final

*** Congratulations to Tristan Bartoe for joining the 1000 point Club tonight ... Tristan needing 15 points to reach the "K" mark tonight TB opened the game with 12 first quarter points then eclipsed the 1000 point mark in the 2nd with 2 circus fg's at the rim and 7 pts in the qtr. 19 points for the senior PG by intermission ...

*** THE Vinton County 4 headed scoring machine of Tristan Bartoe/Naylan Yates/Derrick Jones & Jake Speakman dented the scoreboard for 69 of the VC 77 points ... Jake Speakman was held scoreless for the game ! so the Vikings point makeup was that Bartoe/Naylan Yates & Derrick Jones put up 89.6% of the VC scoring tonight ... the key in my mind is that Vinton County HAD 3 SCORERS AGAIN ... most teams are lucky to have 2 players to carry the load pointwise VC had 3 tonight AND a 4th proven scorer didn't dent the scorebook ...

*** Vinton County IS the BEST team I HAVE seen (so far) this season in the SouthEast District ...
*** some of the imo's I jotted down during the game on my napkins :
- Logan tried to stop the VC scoring by having 6-5 post player Caiden Landis guard Naylan Yates in the first half 9 pts for Yates in that first 2 qtrs. with Tristan Bartoe getting 19 in the same 2 qtrs ... 2nd half had Landis on Bartoe - Bartoe only had 5 points in the 3rd & none in the 4th while Naylan Yates took over the slack adding 18 points in the 2nd half AND Derrick Jones got loose for 10 points of his own in the 4th quarter alone ... too many TRUE scoring options for the Vikings ... sort of like playing the arcade game Wack-a-Mole ... you think you have stopped THE scoring option only to have 2 more scoring options jump up and get you just like those pesky moles ... too many moles popping up to hit them all ...

... Pfloyd's Official "unofficial" Napkin Stats - Logan ...

Scoring ... Bo Myers 21, Caiden Landis 20, Caleb Bell 8 , Kory Henthorne 2, Wes Brooks 2, Coby Bell 1
3 pointers ... 5/26 ... Bo Myers 4, Caleb Bell 1
FTs .......... 9/12
TOs ......... 15
PntP ........ 28
Points in Transition ... 0
Logan goes 7 deep ...

... Logan imo could totally be in the same position as Vinton County NEXT season scoring wise - Bo Myers shoots the 3 ball as well as anyone ... Caiden Landis has not reached his potential in the paint yet this year - NEXT YEAR he will be a stronger 6-5 post player - tonight he had 20 points ... add another scoring option getting to the rim and on the perimeter with Caleb Bell (8 points) ... next year will have Layton Cassidy up from the JVs - Cassidy is another player who is deadly from behind the arc/ has quicks on the defensive side as well, a nonstop motor at both ends of the floor ... better things are on the horizon for the Chieftains ... will they be as quick as VC ? I haven't seen ANY team as quick, or that can put the kind of perimeter pressure on as the Vikings can AND Vinton County plays the physical/no hands/beat you up with the body/move your feet/fundamentally sound defense - might be too much to ask of the Purple ... Logan will get a 2nd shot at Vinton County in about 4 weeks AT Logan ... the rematch will be fun to watch ...

... Pfloyd's Official "unofficial" Napkin Stats - Vinton County ...

Scoring ... Naylan Yates 27, Tristan Bartoe 24, Derrick Jones 18, Eli Griffith 4, Bryce Damron 2, Nevan Yates 2, Jake Speakman 0
3 pointers ... 11/20 ... Naylan Yates 5, Tristan Bartoe 4, Derrick Jones 2
FTs .......... 6/9
TOs ......... 13
PntP ........ 36
Points in Transition ... 12
Face Break Points .... 8
Vinton County goes 9 deep

... saw a few posts questioning Coach Combs keeping his starters in ? Logan had their starters in mixed with 2 subs the whole game and into the later stages of the 4th ... VC played 9 tonight - had many combinations of these 9 the WHOLE game and in the latter minutes of the 4th quarter - they ARE THAT deep and THAT good ... VC DID pull the ball out in the 4th - more motion in the man offense, took time off the clock ... had they not called off the dogs it might have been in the mid 80's ... I heard the Logan radio announcers saying that VC has no weakness - offensively the Vikes have 4 guards who can ALL get to the rim - defensively opponents have to account for and try to stop the penetration ... if you don't stop the penetration you end up allowing 4 VC players to get to the rim (ie Chillicothe did not stop the penetration VC put 48 points on the board from IN THE PAINT/AT THE RIM) ... when you "relatively speaking" slow down the penetration into the paint VC will continue to drive BUT will dish to the perimeter - nothing like having Bartoe get into the paint only to kick it back out to Naylan Yates (5 treys tonight) or vice versa Yates into the paint dishing to Bartoe (4 tryes) or Jones (2 triples) or Speakman ... OR all 4 will take you to the rim only to give it up to Griffith or Damron ... talk about a "cluster - - - - " to try to defend ! I get it - you CAN slow the machine down for minutes - especially early but you have to commit on the defensive end to stop it for 32 minutes of relentless attacks at the rim every possession ... VC is darn good ... I totally enjoy watching the Vikes ... fundamentally sound basketball has the opportunity to beat anyone you go up against ... throw in basketball talent on top of the fundamentals - now you have a winning combination ...


Re: Logan 54 Vinton County 77 a final ...

Posted: Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:18 am
by Raider6309
Nice dominant win by Vinton. I thought Logan might have a chance to upset them. Vinton is very good