Schools Changing Divisions Due to Competitive Balance

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Schools Changing Divisions Due to Competitive Balance

Post by trojandave » Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:40 pm

In looking over the new enrollments figures released by the OHSAA on Thursday, it looks as if a number of SE district schools could be changing divisions, especially going from D3 to D2.

Schools that probably will move from D3 to D2 when the final divisions are announced:
Portsmouth West...199

Last year the cutoff for D3 was 184; Competitive balance will affect the divisional breakdowns, but the OHSAA normally will try to put about 200 schools in each division. Where that number falls for D3 remains to be seen but the above schools look well over the projected D3 limit.

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Re: Schools Changing Divisions Due to Competitive Balance

Post by formerfcfan » Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:56 pm

This might be a little trickier to call so far in advance given the difference in multipliers and how they are applied for sports such as basketball (if I recall correctly, kids can be multiplied as high as 5x depending on the situation.)

There may be enough private schools, as well as certain public schools (such as Cincinnati Taft, Columbus International), that will get bumped from D3 to D2 because of the multipliers to where we won't see many SE District teams jump to D2. I had read that Fairland could very well be in D2 based on EMIS (pure enrollment) alone, so maybe they'll jump to D2, but a school such as West or Chesapeake probably doesn't have a high enough EMIS (despite only a ~10 student difference) to get bumped up on that solely, nor might they have many kids that will get multiplied.

It also loosely depends, I guess, on what schools have to move up from D4 to D3. Lutheran East will most definitely be D3 next year. Troy Christian may get bumped up. Wellington's EMIS was in the 90's I believe, but they probably have enough kids getting multiplied by 5 to potentially move up to D3 (they'll be near the cutoff line in any case when competitive balance factors in.) Harvest Prep may have a huge competitive balance factor placed on their basketball team, but their EMIS for boys is low, so they might be a long shot for moving up.

These are all guesses, but private schools that will go from D3 to D2 will probably include: Bishop Ready, Roger Bacon, Purcell Marian, VASJ, Clark Montessori (I think they're D3?), Ponitz Tech (I think they're D3?), and maybe Lutheran West. There could be more private schools, I'm just not too sure where they previously were in the divisional breakdown, but if it goes anything like football did then probably the majority of the private schools in D3 will get bumped up. Worthington Christian could be another school that will move up.
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Re: Schools Changing Divisions Due to Competitive Balance

Post by Tri-StateYouthSports » Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:13 pm

With only the base enrollment #'s, I figure the Division cut offs will be around the following #'s.
Div 4 to 3: 117
Div 3 to 2: 198
Div 2 to 1: 349

This does not account for competitive balance adjustment.

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Re: Schools Changing Divisions Due to Competitive Balance

Post by GoBucks1047 » Sat Apr 08, 2017 2:36 am

Those numbers above for enrollment are only the football numbers. I know in Boys Soccer, West and Burg's enrollment with CB are 192 and 191 respectively rather than 199 and 200 respectively like in Football. Although it's possible these schools could still end up in D2, we would need to see how the rosters of basketball teams impact the CB numbers when they're released.

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Re: Schools Changing Divisions Due to Competitive Balance

Post by Westfan » Sat Apr 08, 2017 11:38 am

Does it matter what grade a kid transferred in? What if they live outside the district but have went to that school since elementary?

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Re: Schools Changing Divisions Due to Competitive Balance

Post by bman » Sat Apr 08, 2017 5:15 pm

Westfall and Zane Trace will both be moving up to D2 out of the SVC.

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Re: Schools Changing Divisions Due to Competitive Balance

Post by socfan » Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:20 pm


There are 3 Tiers

Tier 0- Students who reside within their school district/attendance area

Tier 1- Students who live outside the district/attendance area and have attended the school since 7th Gr

Tier 2- Students who live outside the district/attendance area and began attending the school after starting 7th Gr (as well as home schooled students for public schools)

Calculating final enrollment:

EMIS Enrollment + (# of Tier 1) multiplied by 1 + (# of Tier 2) multiplied by the sport specific number = Final Competitive Balance Enrollment

Each school was required to enter their roster for each of the Competitive Balance Sports (Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball). Rosters had to be all players 9th-12th regardless of what level they played. This was used to determined the competitive balance enrollment

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