Returning Leaders in SCOH area

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Returning Leaders in SCOH area

Post by SCOH » Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:55 am

This is the top 10 returning leaders in SCOH area, BASED ON INFO THAT I WAS ABLE TO GET FROM COACHES (those who were willing to give it out), MAXPREPS, NEWSPAPERS AND THOSE WITH CONFERENCE WEBSITES. I will say the SVC has an really nice website. So Kudos to the individuals running that . The full Leaders List will be posted on SCOH website at here in the next few days and will be updated every week or so as I can get info Coaches if you want to contact us to provide info, please DM us, email or text 937-213-3939. And in light of trying to provide the most accurate info we will only accept info from HS Coaches and Media sources as listed above.

Note: This are the top 10 in each category, the complete list can be found on our Website in a few days..
Top Scorers
Green, R. Jackson 23.2
Helpeinstine, P New Boston* 23.2
Skeens, E SE Ross 23
Collins, B Hunt Ross 21.8
Scott, P Lynchburg 20.7
Haithcock, H Wash CH 18.4
Woods, L Paint Valley 18.4
Shope, G Fairfield 17.8
Daniels, E Minford 17.2
Shepherd, J Symmes Valley 16.9

Top Rebounders
Helpeinstine, P New Boston* 12
Thompson, M Fayeteville 11.4
Day, A Eastern Brown 11
Bentley, C Vinton County 11
Whitt, H Western Brown 10.3
Woods, L Paint Valley 10.2
Smith, L Ports ND 10
Dettwiller, K Ports ND 10
Johnson, E South Webster 9.8
Fisher, J Unioto 9.5
Shepherd, J Symmes Valley 9.1

Top Assist
Hoover, M Ports ND 5.8
Daniels, E Minford 5.7
Artis, S Ports Clay 5
Wise, L Ironton 4.6
Cottrill, A Unioto 4.6
Murphy, C Fayeteville 4.5
Burns, R Wash CH 4.4
Day, A Eastern Brown 4
Smith,S Chilicothe 4
Reynolds, M Eastern Brown 4

Top Steals
Collins, B Hunt Ross 5.5
Daniels, E Minford 4.9
Ruby, E Wheelersburg 4.2
Shope, G Fairfield 4
Murphy,C Fayeteville 4
Helpeinstine, P New Boston* 4
Scott, P Lynchburg 3.9
White, M Ports West 3.8
Hupp, L North Adams 3.8
Chapman, E Fairfield 3.7
* annotates that Helpeinstine, P was at Sciotoville Community School last season.

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