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Post by schenk11 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 11:49 am

I am trying recognize area players for their post season accomplishments. The Marietta Times has yet to publish the All-SEOAL teams for this season and I can not view them on the other area newspaper sites. Can someone please post them.

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Re: ALL-SEAL Teams

Post by Soccerfan1 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 12:17 pm

2016 All-SEOAL boys soccer team announced

Carter Carr (11), Alexander, midfielder
Brendan Niggemeyer (12), Alexander, defense
Michael Norris** (11), Alexander, forward
Krestian Robe (10), Alexander, defense
Will Tribe (11), Alexander, goalkeeper
Eric Holzschu (12), Athens, winger
T.K. Kwon (12), Athens, def. midfielder
Quinnton Haislop* (12), Jackson, midfielder
Reason Padgett (11), Jackson, forward
Carter Frasure (11), Logan, defense
Nicholas Kudlapur (11), Logan, midfielder
Caiden Landis (11), Logan, forward
Josh Price (11), Logan, midfielder
Jeremy Williams** (12), Logan, midfielder
Matt Dugan (11), Warren, center midfielder
Wyatt Grose (12), Warren, stopper
Zed Strahler, (11), Warren, right midfielder

Player of the Year
Michael Norris, Alexander

Co-Coaches of the Year
Kirk Crow, Alexander; Ian Riddlebarger, Logan

*-denotes previous All-SEOAL honors. Ullman was All-SEOAL in 2015, Landis and Price were honorable mention in 2015, and Tribe was honorable mention in 2014

Honorable Mention

Alexander: Joshua Robe (11), midfielder; Zach Scripp (11), forward
Athens: Nick Bohuslawski (10), def. midfielder; Bradley Ridpath (11), off. midfielder
Jackson: Garrett Ghearing (10), defense; Chase Thorpe (11), defense
Logan: Ryan Davis (10), midfielder; Isaac Gwinn (11), goalkeeper
Warren: Elliott Ullman* (11), sweeper; Ethan Yost (9), forward

Final standings: Logan 6-2-0, Alexander 5-1-2, Warren 4-3-1, Jackson 1-5-2, Athens 1-6-1. Logan and Alexander are co-champions, as the SEOAL recognizes ties as half a win and half a loss, which makes Alexander's record 6-2.

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Re: ALL-SEAL Teams

Post by Soccerfan1 » Thu Nov 17, 2016 12:18 pm

All-SEOAL girls' soccer team announced

Samantha Love (12), Alexander, center midfielder
McKena Rice (10), Alexander, center midfielder
Maddie Davis (11), Athens, cen. midfielder
Grace Kemerer (12), Athens, cen. midfielder/forward
Kate Moulton** (12), Athens, forward
Avital Savin (12), Athens, left back
Sarah Balzer (11), Jackson, goalkeeper
Cheirstynn Cooper (11), Jackson, defense
Amelia Davis** (12), Jackson, forward
Mika Johnson** (11), Jackson, midfielder
Kylie Laug (10), Jackson, midfielder
Rachel Cottrill (12), Logan, forward
Elle Roberts** (11), Logan, midfielder
Hannah Visintainer (12), Logan, goalkeeper
Katie Rauch* (12), Warren, midfielder
Taylor Vickers (10), Warren, defense

Player of the Year: Amelia Davis, Jackson

Coach of the Year: Chris Skarratt, Jackson

*-denotes previous All-SEOAL honors. Skarratt was Coach of the Year in 2015; Visintainer was honorable mention in 2014 and 2015; Love, Maddie Davis and Cooper were honorable mention in 2015

Honorable mention

Alexander: Olivia Dunn (11), def. midfielder; Taylor Meadows (9), right back
Athens: Rory O'Malley (11), cen. midfielder; Maggie Wood (12), center back
Jackson: Nicole Sheets (11), midfielder; Emma Wiley (9), midfielder
Logan: Madi Gabriel (12), forward; Megan Gwinn* (11), defense
Warren: Morgan Chapman (10), midfielder; Emma Rader (11), defense

Final standings: Jackson 7-1, Athens 6-2, Logan 5-3, Alexander 2-6, Warren 0-8

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