Pitch Count Is Here!!!

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Re: Pitch Count Is Here!!!

Post by danicalifornia » Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:02 am

mhs95_06 wrote:
Fri Aug 17, 2018 11:35 pm
A question on pitch count rules. Do 4 pitches go against your pitch count when you intentionally walk someone? If so, and it comes to a batter you want to walk, and you are 3 pitches from the threshold, can you credit 3 to the outgoing pitcher and one to the incoming pitcher? Or do you have him throw 3 wide ones, then bring in the new pitcher? When you bring the new pitcher in can you just have the batter go to first for a count of one pitch, or do you have to throw it?
You don’t have to throw the pitches, so no, it doesn’t count.

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Re: Pitch Count Is Here!!!

Post by BBscout18-19 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:54 pm

Mailman wrote:
Sun Jan 29, 2017 7:33 pm
125 max. Were there coaches letting pitchers throw more? 125 is a lot!!!
125 is most certainly a lot for a high school pitcher. We will see how this new rule affects how teams pitch come this spring.

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Re: Pitch Count Is Here!!!

Post by blockcharge7 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:52 am

This has been in affect for the past two years

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