Monday 4/9 Scores

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Re: Monday 4/9 Scores

Post by Ironman92 » Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:52 pm

I wonder if any SE District team hit 20 HR in the 90’s lol

Balls fly out of Jackson’s field. Always seemed like a jet stream to RCF (along with a blinding sun to 2nd base, 1st base and RF).....nice hitter’s park. I’ve seen many a fly ball drift over the fence but have also seen some of the longest HR ever at a softball game (one off of my daughter lol)

Take nothing away from the Ironladies...those girls have played a ton of softball and have always been very good. They could make a huge tournament run.

The “soft”balls are way too darn hard. It’s stupid and dangerous. Those pitchers throwing those Titleists to some of the top hitters....flat out scary. $400 bats. It’s too much IMO. I’m glad Kendall Meeks, Kelsey Conkey and Peighton Williams all graduated without seriously hurting someone....especially Meeks, holy hell.

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