#21 Miami (FL) pulls away from Toledo 49-24

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#21 Miami (FL) pulls away from Toledo 49-24

Post by Chieftain2009 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:32 pm

This game was a struggle for awhile for the Hurricanes. It was close up to the 4th quarter, when Miami finally scored a few in the 4th. Final stats:

Miami leaders:
Malik Rosier - 13/23; 205 pass yds; 80 rush yds; 2 pass TDs; 3 rush TDs
DeeJay Dallas - 17 carries; 110 rush yds; 1 TD
Jeff Thomas - 5 receptions; 105 rec. yds; 1 TD
Bubba Baxa - 7/7 XPs

Toledo leaders:
Mitchell Guadagni - 13/21; 222 pass yds; 47 rush yds; 2 pass TDs/1 INT
Art Thompkins - 5 carries; 31 rush yds; 1 TD
Diontae Johnson - 6 receptions; 119 pass yds; 2 TDs
Jameson West - 1/2 FGs; 3/3 XPs

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Re: #21 Miami (FL) pulls away from Toledo 49-24

Post by farmer » Sun Sep 16, 2018 10:42 am

As another ranked school plays a MAC school from Ohio. Which Ohio State would get destroyed in the media for a few years ago. Even though it gave fans and players of those schools who also support OSU. As well as kept all the money spent on the game in Ohio. Even the MAC schools saved money on road trips.
Toledo kept it close. Miami is not playing well this year. After starting to turn it around last year. The players need to forget last year and earn it on the field.

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