2005 Div. III SE District Boys @ Rock Hill

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2005 Div. III SE District Boys @ Rock Hill

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Beaver, Belpre, Chesapeake, Dawson-Bryant, Green, Manchester, Notre Dame, Reedsville, Scioto, South Gallia, South Webster, Valley, Wheelersburg,

Top six from 2004.....Wheelersburg, South Webster, Chesapeake, Eastern Reedsville, Dawson-Bryant, Valley

Top teams coming in for 2005.....Dawson-Bryant, Chesapeake, Eastern R, South Webster, Valley, Wheelersburg

4x800.....South Webster, Wheelersburg, Eastern R, Chesapeake, Valley

110 hurdles.....South Webster 1st & 5th, Chesapeake 2nd, Wheelersburg 3rd & 6th, Eastern R.4th

100 meters.....Wheelersburg 1st & 2nd, Chesapeake 3rd, Eastern R. 4th

4x200.....Wheelersburg, Chesapeake, Notre Dame, Dawson-Bryant, South Webster

After the first four event it is 45 for Wheelersburg, 29 for South Webster, Chesapeake 27, Eastern R 16

Discus.....Eastern R 1st & 8th, Wheelersburg 2nd, Dawson-Bryant 3rd & 4th

1600 meters.....South Webster 1st & 4th, Wheelersburg 2nd &3rd

4x100.....Wheelersburg, Chesapeake, Valley, South Webster, Dawson & Bryant

High Jump.....Chesapeake 1st & 4th, S Webster 2 & 7, valley 3rd & 5th.

Half way through the meet it is Wheelersburg 78 after scoring 33 more points in the last four events, South Webster score 36 more pts. for 65, Chesapeake score 27 points in the last four to come in 3rd with 54, Eastern R has 38.

400 meters.....Wheelersburg 1st, South Webster 2nd & 3rd, Chesapeake 4th & 7th

300 hurdles.....South Webster 1st & 5th, Chesapeake 2 & 3rd, Eastern R. 4th place

Pole Vault.....Dawson-Bryant 1St and 3rd, Chesapeake 2nd & 4th.

Long Jump.....Wheelersburg 1st, Chesapeake 2 & 3rd, Valley 4th

With 5 events left we have Wheelersburg 103, South Webster 97, Chesapeake 102,

800 meters.....1st & 8th, Chesapeake 2nd 4th, Wheelersburg 3rd & 5th,

200 meters.....Wheelersburg 1st & 2nd, Valley 3rd South Webster 4th

3200 meters.....SW 1st & 4th, Eastern R, 2nd 6th, Wheelersburg 3rd & 5

Shot Put.....Wheelersburg 1st & 2nd, Eastern R 3rd and 7th, South Webster 4& 8th

4x400.....South Webster, Chesapeake, Valley, Wheelersburg, Notre Dame

Finals.....Wheelersburg scored 86 points in the last 9 events to win the meet with 164, South Webster scored 76 in the last nine events to finish with 141, Chesapeake came up with 74 more to come up with 128, Eastern finished with 59, Dawson-Bryant had 56 and Valley scored 49

1st place events

Wheelersburg.....SP, LJ, 100, 4x2, 4x1, 400, 200
South Webster.....4x8, 110 hurdles, 1600, 300, 800, 3200
Eastern R.....Discus.
Chesapeake …..HJ

Wheelersburg and South Webster scored in 16 events

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