2006 Div. III SE District Girls @ Chillicothe

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2006 Div. III SE District Girls @ Chillicothe

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Adena, Alexander, Crookville, Fairfield, Huntington, Lynchburg, Miller, Nelson/York, North Adams, Paint Valley, Peebles, Southeastern, Trimble, Waterford, Western

Top six finishes from 2005.....Southeastern, Huntington, Paint Valley, Zane Trace, Waterford, Adena

Top teams for 2006.....Adena, Huntington, Nelson/York, Paint Valley, Southeastern, Waterford

4x800.....Huntington, Southeastern, Alexander, Trimble, Adena

100 hurdles.....Paint Valley 1st & 8th, Huntington 2nd, Adens 3rd & 4th

100 meters.....Southeastern 1st, Huntington 2nd, Adena 3rd & [th, Nelson/York 4th

4x200.....Adena, Oaint Valley, Huntington, Peebles, Western

After four events it is Adena 34, Huntington 32, Paint Valley 22, Southeastern 20, Nelson/York 7, Waterford 7

Shot Put.....Huntington 1st & 5th, Paint Valley 2nd, Southeastern 3rd, Nelson/York 4th

1600 meters.....Waterford 1st & 2nd, Alexander 3rd, Southeastern 4th & 7th

4x100.....Adena, Southeastern, Western, Nelson/York, Peebles

High Jump.....Nelson/York 1st, Peebles 2nd, Paint Valley 3rd, Waterford 4th

Half way through the meet it is Huntington 52, Adena 51, Paint Valley 42, Southeastern 40, Waterford 30, Nelson/York 27

400 meters.....Nelson/York 1st, Adena 2nd & 4th, Crooksville 3rd

300 hurdles.....Paint Valley 1st & 8th, Huntington 2nd, Adens 3rd, Southeastern 4th & 7th

Pole Vault.....Huntington 1st & 3rd, Southeastern 2nd & 5th, Adena 4th & 7th

800 meters.....Waterford 1st & 2nd, Adena 3rd, Huntington 4th & 7th

With five event left it is Huntington 87, Adena 81, Southeastern 68, Paint Valley 56, Waterford 50, Nelson/York 41

Discus.....Huntington 1st & 2nd, Southeastern 3rd, Nelson/York 4th

200 meters.....Adena 1th & 4th, Miller 2nd, Waterford 3rd

3200 meters.....Alexander 1st & 6th, Fairland 2nd, Nelson/York 3rs, Adena 4th

4x400.....Huntington, Adena, Waterford, Lynchburg, Alexamder

Final score are Huntington 119, Adena 116, Southeastern 78, Paint Valley 78, Paint Valley 68', Waterford 67, Nelson/York 55

1st place finished

Huntington.....Sp, PV, Discus, 4x800, 4x400

Adena.....4x200, 4x100, 200

Nelson/York.....HJ, 800

Paint Valley.....100hurdles, 300 hurdles

Waterford.....1600, 800


Adena scored in 16 events
Huntington 15 events

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