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Franklin Valley DISS....

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2022 9:41 am
by Solomon
I play out at FV and the boys out there are pissed off. I am an old man and dont understand how they play high school now, but I guess they were supposed to host a couple of hs tournaments and some guy named Horsely took them from them 9 days before the tournaments. I am sure that it cost them alot of money. one guy said it was because Horsely and his team got beat there, but he coach at Athens, he wouldnt play in the tournament there. why would he care. so I dont know. i do understand that some of this is FV fault, they hired that idiot and he didnt do crap. but to take it away after the change in management and 9 days before the tournament is mean and cold. I hope FV gets it now and this Horsely guy better know what he is doing. Im sure he has pissed off alot of people.