SEO State Wrestling Champions

Past State Champions and Runners Up
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SEO State Wrestling Champions

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a list of individuals that have won a state championship from southeast Ohio.
1972 Mark Davey Circleville A-AA
1980 Mike Linton Circleville AA
1989 Heath Eddleblute Warren DII
1989 Matt Yinger Nelsonville DIII
1990 Matt McCoy Warren DII
1991 Jason Matson Miami Trace DII
1997 Eric Chevalier Belpre DIII
2010 Drew Carpenter Sheridan DII
2011 Travis McIntosh Miami Trace DII
2011 Riley Shaw Washington CH DII
2012 Riley Shaw Washington CH DII
2012 Thomas McLaughlin Nelsonville DIII
2012 Zach Mays Nelsonville DIII
2015 Dakota Mays Nelsonville DIII
2016 Matt Adams New Lexington DII
2017 Nate Keaton Circleville DII
2018 Nate Keaton Circleville DII
2018 Colt Yinger Nelsonville DIII

No team has won a championship. The highest a southeast Ohio team as finished was 4th Warren 1989 and Nelsonville in 2012

Individuals that have finished as state runner ups
1971 Mark Davey Circleville A-AA
1972 Dave Webb Circleville A-AA
1978 Raymond Burch Trimble A
1979 Scott Adams Belpre A
1983 Damien Lang Waterford A
1988 Matt Yinger Nelsonville DII
1990 Ray Woodside Fairfield Union DII
1991 Jason Minnard Fairfield Union DII
1993 JD Pinkerton Waterford DIII
1995 Scott Gilbert Belpre DIII
1997 Richard Burns Hillsboro DII
1999 Richard Burns Hillsboro DII
2000 Danny Roberts Westfall DIII
2002 Brandon Shriner Sheridan DII
2003 Jorge Conger McClain DII
2004 David Bowers Miami Trace DII
2005 Stephen Morrison Miami Trace DII
2006 Steve Young Nelsonville DIII
2007 Tieler Severance Sheridan DII
2008 Codey Neff Miami Trace DII
2008 Dustin Fraley Miami Trace DII
2010 Travis McIntosh Miami Trace DII
2014 Kordell Ford Hillsboro DII
2017 Dimitiri Williams New Lexington DII
2019 Donovan McCollister Nelsonville DIII

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