Minfords future?

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Minfords future?

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Can Minford compete in the SOC 2 this year?

Jason Vorhees
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Re: Minfords future?

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If Minford can get past West, Waverly, and Logan, they could be 8-0 going into the week against Wheelersburg. Tall task granted but it’s possible. I can see them starting out 5-0. Overall, I think 8-2, with losses to West and Burg. They should have a pretty good season.

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Re: Minfords future?

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Are they bringing Fred back?

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Re: Minfords future?

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I’d say 7-3 or 6-4 kind of a year.

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Re: Minfords future?

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Yeah they'll compete this year, they only had 4 seniors last yea and really only 1 was a big loss on the OL and LB. They really need to take advantage this year though with Pica going into his senior year. I look for Minford to get past West this year, and Waverly might be a toss up but I don't know that I see them getting past Burg good thing for them no matter the team they're fielding they typically play Burg tough. Logan has been improving last couple years so that will be tough but I can see Minford as a 8-2/7-3 team and on the verge of a home playoff game.

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