ohsaa rules

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ohsaa rules

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Question for those more up to date on rules reguarding kick offs and punts, If a returner signals for a fair catch but does not make the catch (ball bounced off players hand) and the ball remains in bounds and rolls into the endzone is this not still a live ball? The kicking team recovered the ball in the endzone but were not given points and the recieving team took posession on the 20.

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Re: ohsaa rules

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Touchback. When ball crosses goal line during a kick its instantly a touchback, unless it was "possessed" by the receiving team first. Just touching doesn't "possess" the ball.

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Re: ohsaa rules

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It is a touchback. The force that drove the ball into the end zone is the kick and not the muff. Once a kick breaks the plain of the goal line, the ball becomes dead and it will be a

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