2021-22 SOC I and II

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2021-22 SOC I and II

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Do Notre Dame and Burg finally lose a conference game?

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Re: 2021-22 SOC I and II

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Re: 2021-22 SOC I and II

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I don't think either of them do

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Re: 2021-22 SOC I and II

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Cant speak for Notre Dame, but I don't think Burg beats West twice.

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Re: 2021-22 SOC I and II

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ND will be very young. Talented but young. Maybe the culture there will pull them through to another undefeated conference season. But there are a couple teams that I am sure that have their game dates circled on their schedule.

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Re: 2021-22 SOC I and II

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ND won't. They are still very talented and the talent gap in division I is large. Maybe Green is able to push them, but the rest of the league will be large margins and probably running clocks.

I do think the Burg takes a step back. They are still talented, but they have no lead guard or really any kind of post presence. Both West and Webster will have good chances to beat them.

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