2022 All-District Honors (Southeast)

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2022 All-District Honors (Southeast)

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Source: https://www.sosaohio.com/2022/10/31/tak ... cer-lists/

Chillicothe’s Kaiden Koch and Ali Mathis were named Division I boys and girls District Player of the Year, Unioto’s Lucas Hanes and Fairfield Union’s Isabella Neal earned POY honors in Division II while Wheelersburg’s Max Hagans and Lynchburg-Clay’s Kalyn Rich were tabbed with POY honors in Division III.


First Team
Chillicothe -- Kaiden Koch and Mason Siberell
Logan -- Noah Swart

Second Team
Logan -- Lucas Sheridan and Ayden St. Clair
Chillicothe -- Schylar Srey

Honorable Mention is
Chillicothe -- Danny Bentley and Steven Nguyen
Logan -- Jackson Arnett and Corbin Dennis

Chillicothe coach Mike McCorkle was named Division I District Coach of the Year.

First Team
Unioto -- Lucas Hanes and Cameron Thompson
Jackson -- Conner Ball and Isaac Coleman
Zane Trace -- Ivan Chavez and Jordan Harrington
Gallia Academy -- Keagen Daniels and Maddux Camden
Athens -- Brady Jaunarajas and Zane Evans
Fairfield Union -- Caleb Redding and Ronnie Rowley
Logan Elm -- Owen Elswick
Hillsboro -- Nick Turner
McClain -- Emerson Yates
Circleville -- Luke Stout
Waverly -- Carson Moore
Miami Trace -- Seiko Marol

Second Team
Zane Trace -- Rece Allen and Marco Chavez
Athens -- Walji Dadem and Luke Scanlan
Gallia Academy -- Carson Wamsley and Wes Saunders
Unioto -- Micah Geise and River Pettigrew
Jackson -- Cooper Moore and Keon Koka
Logan Elm -- Luke Thompson and Clay Reed
Waverly -- Seth Thompson
Hillsboro -- Will Hart
Fairfield Union -- Koen Eichorn
McClain -- Haydon Hice
Miami Trace -- Pierce McCarty

Honorable Mention
Gallia Academy -- Brayden Burris and Beckett Camden
Miami Trace -- Valen Alvardo–Lorrin and Ryan Smith
McClain -- Westley Smith and Jobe Lugo
Hillsboro -- Tate Davis and Keahi Mhanna
Waverly -- David Boyer and Graydon Harris
Zane Trace -- Brock Jarrell and Logan Miller
Unioto -- J.C. Stark and Kamden Smith
Fairfield Union -- Caden Fyffe and Caleb Schmelzer
Jackson -- Grady Massie and Coen Davis
Logan Elm -- Owen Braun and Hussain Sharif
Athens -- Owen Buckley and Nathan Kallet
Circleville -- Will Flory

Athens’ Simon Diki was named Coach of the Year.

First Team
Wheelersburg -- Max Hagans, Connor Estep and Nick Sylvia,
Minford -- Myles Montgomery and Charlie Neal
Lynchburg-Clay -- Landon West and Trey Pitzer
South Webster -- Jaren Lower and Connor Bender
Valley -- M.J. Basham and Colt Buckle
Ironton St. Joe -- Zach Johnson and Bryson Burcham
Rock Hill -- Brayden Adams and Sam Simpson
Northwest -- Caleb Lewis and Jay Jenkins
Westfall -- Colton Spaniol and Brady Mullins
South Point -- Braylon Balandra and Xander Dornon
Peebles -- Mason Sims and Cory Reed
Chesapeake -- Jacob Spears and Eli Hayton
Western -- Michael Bennett
Piketon -- Oren Harris
Eastern Brown -- Noah Schemake
Fairland -- Gabe Polcyn
Clay -- Malachi Loper
West Union -- Arbutus Wuest
North Adams -- Cody Helser and Hunter Brown
New Boston -- Dalton Jackson
Fairfield -- Logan McIntosh

Second Team
Valley -- Lucie Ashkettle and J.R. Holbrook
South Webster -- Jeremiah Smith and Josiah Wright
Ironton St. Joe -- Landon Rowe and Brady Medinger
Rock Hill -- Connor Blagg and Dylan Griffith
Wheelersburg -- Jackson Schwamburger and Nolan Wright
Fairland -- Evan Williams and Jamison Lauder
Minford -- Luke Rader and Adam Crank
Westfall -- Henry Barnes and Beau Hunt
Peebles -- Evan Day and Dallas Wilkinson
Piketon -- Dane Morgansen and Josh Richmond
Lynchburg-Clay -- Logan Shope and Garrett Reno
Northwest -- Logan Shepard and Levi Bunch
South Point -- Joey Bloebaum and Riccardo Corrao
Fairfield -- Daniel Ward
Chesapeake -- Ethan Romans
Western -- Daniel Rodriguez
West Union -- Brylee Mills
Eastern Brown -- Hendrix Likerman
Westfall -- Beau Hunt
Clay -- Jack Holbrook
North Adams -- Cayden Helser and Trey Hoop
New Boston -- Luke Henson

Honorable mention
South Webster -- Will Collins and Tyler Somers
Valley -- Chris Queen and Hunter Edwards
Lynchburg-Clay -- Josiah Burns and Braedon West
Clay -- Marcus Lunsford and Jacob Robinson
Peebles -- Waylen Lloyd and Keltin Robinson
Chesapeake -- Isaac Thompson and Brayden McKee
Fairfield -- Zane Matthews and Elijah Humpherys
Northwest -- Gavin Lute–Defoe and Layne Stapleton
Fairland -- Alec Cyrus and Parker Wyant
Minford -- Cole Borland and Sam Tieman
Wheelersburg -- Miller McKenzie and Ethan Hochstetler
Eastern Brown -- Collin Colegate and Tyler Fahrian
Rock Hill -- Dawson Lewis and Ben Simpson
North Adams -- Gage White and Colin Tolle
New Boston -- Rhys Bratchatt and Colt Maynard
Piketon -- Craig Tackett and David Hayslip
Ironton St. Joe’s Wesley Neal and Matthew Heighton
South Point -- Tanner Runyon and Josh Childers
Portsmouth -- Jacob and Zach Roth
Western -- Jared Reinsmith and Tyler Kerns
West Union -- James Smith and Rtrey Bracken
Westfall -- Sebastian Levi and Jared Thomas

Wheelersburg’s Jon Estep was named Coach of the Year.

Joining Mathis with first-team honors is teammate Kiera Archer and Logan’s Dani Mahaffey.

Chillicothe’s Avery Erslan and Logan’s pair of Kati Straus and Claire Warren are second-team honorees while honorable mention accolades go to Chillicothe’s Addie Price and Gemma Maimone and Logan’s Mollie Landis and Josie Rimkus.

Joining Neal on Division II first-team was teammate Rachel Wartman alongside Unioto’s Ashtyn Miller and Autumn Stanger, Jackson’s Abby Seimetz and Mattie Walburn, Athens’ Ella Chapman and Quinn Murphy, Circleville’s Payton Ford and Faith Yancey, Washington’s Addison Chambers, Hillsboro’s Rylie Scott, Loan Elm’s Kaitlyn Otterbacher, Gallia Academy’s Sarah Wilcoxon, Fairland’s Kaylee Turner, Waverly’s Lauren Murphy, McClain’s Luca Matesic and Miami Trace’s Jana Griffith.

On the second-team list is Jackson’s T.J. Carpenter and Jade Winters, Circleville’s Emma Groff and Kylie McCain, Athens’ Tess Wilheim and Annie Moulton, Unioto’s Jade Fair and Ameila Uhrig, Fairfield Union’s Jillian Bennett and Abbie Pike, Gallia Academy’s Natalie Zierenberg, Waverly’s Delani Teeters, McClain’s Payton Pryor, Miami Trace’s Katherine Hayes, Fairland’s Molly Dunlap, Hillsboro’s Peighton Blesdoe, Logan Elm’s Siennah Bryant and Washington’s Calee Ellars.

Honorable mention is highlighted by Logan Elm’s Maggie Wilson and Jenna Allison, Unioto’s Cailyn Bash and Ryleigh Bode, Hillsboro’s Taylor Leathley and Kinsey Gilliand, Circleville’s Nilyn Cockerham and Addison Ndaytaeko, Washington’s Destany Snyder and Jannyah Villalobos Burns, Waverly’s Emma Davis and Rachel Remy, Athens’ Kayla Hammonds and Olivia Smart, Jackson’s Makayla Wyant and Sydney Fain, Gallia Academy’s Kennedy Smith and Mary Howell, Fairland’s Angela Li and Kamryn Barnitz, Miami Trace’s Hailey Webster and Isabelle DeBruin, Fairfield Union’s Anna Pike and Bailey McMahon, and McClain’s Abby Mustard and Bailey Parson.

Circleville’s Joe Stitt was named Coach of the Year.

Joining Rich on first-team was her teammate Karlie Tipton alongside Rock Hill’s Briana Reynolds and Hazley Matthews, North Adams’ Harlee Brand and Laney Ruckel, Wheelersburg’s Jocelyn Tilley and Annie Coriell, Minford’s Haley Knore and Lexi Conkel, Eastern Brown’s Rylee Leonard and McKinzie Dotson, Fairfield’s Hailey Tolle and Faith Donley, Piketon’s Natalie Cooper and Olivia MacCrae, Westfall’s Alyssa Wyman, Zane Trace’s Brooklynn Wade, South Point’s Jaycie Walters, Northwest’s Jenna Oppy, West Union’s Asha McElroy, Peebles’ Lainee Barr and Chesapeake’s Marin Brown.

Second-team is made up of Eastern Brown’s Madi Belcher and Alyssa Perkins, Lynchburg-Clay’s Olivia VanFleet and Jade Massey, Rock Hill’s Aubrey Sutton and Allison Rogers, North Adams’ Hunter Grooms and Kenlie Jones, Fairfield’s Hallie Haines and Avery Teeters, Northwest’s Sabria Breech and Gracelyn Little, Chesapeake’s Bailee Wilson and Brooklyn McComas, Wheelersburg’s Bella Miller, Minford’s Mychal Cron, Piketon’s Whitney Dean, Zane Trace’s Lily Rose, Peebles’ Vanessa Trotter, South Point’s Jasmyn Jones, Westfall’s Mayson Gordon and West Union’s Hannah Ford.

Honorable mention is highlighted by Zane Trace’s Abby Guffey and Hannah Karwatske, North Adams’ Olivia Wright and Tatum Grooms, Wheelersburg’s Maddie Kotcamp and Mia Vastine, Minford’s Ava Cronin and Maggie Risner, Piketon’s Kaylee Maynard and Bailey Fuller, Eastern Brown’s Emma Litzinger and Mackenzie Wiles, Chesapeake’s Brooklyn Webb and Angel Hundley, West Union’s Maisy Yeager and Lauren Grooms, Peebles’ Bria Brown and Aiva Brumley, Fairfield’s Olivia Bellamy and Kennedy Zink, Rock Hill’s Emma Scott and Chloe Long, Northwest’s Jasmine Bowen and Mollyann Runyon, South Point’s Neveah Huff and Makinzie Luhrsen, Westfall’s Lidia Flowers and Lauren Barnes, and Lynchburg-Clay’s Ella Barber and Trinity VanFleet.

Lynchburg-Clay’s Dennis West was named Coach of the Year.

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Re: 2022 All-District Honors (Southeast)

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1st Team All-District

Payton Alloway Warren 11 F
Addison Chambers Washington CH 12 M
Ella Chapman Athens 9 D
Sophie Cochran Warren 12 F
Payton Ford Circleville 11 D
Jana Griffith Miami Trace 12 F
Katie Mannix Marietta 12 M/D
Luca Matesic McClain 11 F
Ashtyn Miller Unioto 12 M
Lauren Murphy Waverly 12 F
Quinn Murphy Athens 10 F
Isabella Neal Fairfield Union 12 GK
Kaitlyn Otterbacher Logan Elm 11 D
Kristen Pfaff Marietta 12 D
Mikenna Schiele Sheridan 10 M
Rylie Scott Hillsboro 11 M
Abby Seimetz Jackson 12 M
Autumn Stanger Unioto 12 M
Kaylee Turner Fairland 12 D
Mattie Walburn Jackson 12 GK
Rachel Warthman Fairfield Union 10 F
Sarah Wilcoxon Gallia Academy 11 D
Faith Yancey Circleville 11 M

2nd Team All-District

Jillian Bennett Fairfield Union 12 D
Peighton Bledsoe Hillsboro 10 F
Siennah Bryant Logan Elm 11 M
TJ Carpenter Jackson 11 D
Molly Dunlap Fairland 9 F
Calee Ellars Washington CH 9 M/GK
Jade Fair Unioto 12 M
Alex Frazee Warren 12 M
Emma Groff Circleville 11 D
Katherine Hynes Miami Trace 11 M/F
Mackenzie James-McGuire Warren 10 D
Leigha Lauer Marietta 10 GK
Emily Malone Sheridan 10 M
Kylie McCain Circleville 10 GK
Riley Medley Marietta 12 D
Annie Moulton Athens 12 F
Abbie Pike Fairfield Union 10 D
Payton Pryor McClain 12 M
Delani Teeters Waverly 11 D
Amelia Uhrig Unioto 11 D
Tess Wilhelm Athens 12 M
Jade Winters Jackson 12 D
Natalie Zierenberg Gallia Academy 12 M

Honorable Mention

Jenna Allison Logan Elm 11 F
Kamryn Barnitz Fairland 10 D
Cailyn Bash Unioto 10 D
Ryleigh Bode Unioto 12 M
Nilyn Cockerham Circleville 12 F
Delaney Cyrus Sheridan 12 M
Emma Davis Waverly 11 D
Isabelle DeBruin Miami Trace 9 D
Sydney Fain Jackson 11 F
Jade Fairbanks Warren 10 M
Kinsey Gililand Hillsboro 12 GK
Kayla Hammonds Athens 11 GK
Mary Howell Gallia Academy 11 F/M
Taylor Leathley Hillsboro 12 M
Angela Li Fairland 10 M
Bailey McMahon Fairfield Union 12 M
Abby Mustard McClain 12 M
Addison Ndaytaeko Circleville 10 D
Emma Parker Warren 9 D
Bailey Parson McClain 9 D
Anna Pike Fairfield Union 12 M
Savannah Ramirez Sheridan 12 F
Rachel Remy Waverly 10 M
Kaitlyn Schenkel Marietta 11 F
Olivia Smart Athens 9 F
Kennedy Smith Gallia Academy 11 D/M
Destany Snyder Washington CH 10 F
Kenzley Urban Marietta 11 D
Jannyah Burns Washington CH 9 M
Hailey Webster Miami Trace 9 M
Maggie Wilson Logan Elm 10 D
Makayla Wyant Jackson 12 M

GIRLS DIVISION II "PLAYER OF THE YEAR" Isabella Nella Fairfield Union

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