Svc All League and Poy

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Svc All League and Poy

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Any thoughts?
When do they vote on this?

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Re: Svc All League and Poy

Post by danicalifornia »

Waboplay wrote:
Fri May 10, 2019 3:37 pm
Any thoughts?
When do they vote on this?
Who knows. No true standouts through all 14 games. I’ll guess that it will be really top heavy with the top 4 teams.

Coaches chose to vote online instead of doing it last Sunday before all games were played. I believe the votes were due today, so I’m guessing they’ll be sent out to the media in the next couple of days.

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Re: Svc All League and Poy

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SVC was a very competitive and balanced league this spring. Not just teams, but also players.

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Re: Svc All League and Poy

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There are some coaches who have some serious problems with each other
All they did this year was slap kids in there face who deserved to be 1st team and others who didn’t get anything
It’s the buddy system
And everyone knows this
Wait till you see who got what jaw dropping
Don’t get me wrong I know a lot of these kids and they deserve
There all league but when there are kids voted down the line so you can get one of yours on 1st team that’s just insane
And you know who you are

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Re: Svc All League and Poy

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So are you saying the coaches are not using data to help in the selection process for SVC honors?
Using politics and good ole boy processes?
Its not that hard to get the data if you go on this site and/or the team's coach's official Game Changer apps.

Here is a list of the highest batting averages (and other offensive data) over the 14 game league.(Minimum 25 At Bats Required)

Scioto Valley Conference Batting Averages (14 League Games)

Team______ Player___________AB___H___RBI__Runs_BB_SO___ Bat Avg___OBP_____Slug______OPS
Unioto______Connor McCloy____36__16___10____0___8__ 4____0.444____0.542____0.500_____1.042
Zane Trace__Elliott Lynn_______42__17___10___14___7__ 7____0.405____0.490____0.476_____0.966
Westfall____Matt Baemel______30__12____5____9___5__10____0.400___________________________
Unioto_____Carson DeBord_____43__17___10___12___8___5____0.395____0.481____0.512_____0.992
Unioto_____Cameron DeBord___51__20____6___16___6___7____0.392____0.466____0.451_____0.916
Zane Trace__Camdon Farley____44__17____5___12___5___4____0.386____0.526____0.477_____1.004
Adena_____ Emmit Cunningham_39__15____7____6___3__12____0.385
Adena_____ Zach Fout_________47__18___15___12___0___5____0.383
Westfall____Titan Williams_____40__15____8____9___0___1____0.375
Adena_____Nate Throckmorton_33__ 12____5____9___6___4____0.364
Paint Valley_Dane Miller_______42__15_____9___12___9___5____0.357
Westfall____Connor Spohn_____34__12_____8___9____5___8____0.353
Zane Trace__Chad Ison________49__17____14__17____4___9____0.347___0.418_____0.429____0.847
Zane Trace__Tanner Congrove__47__16____12___8____5___5____0.340___0.389_____0.426____0.814
Adena______Lucas Foglesong___36_12_____5___9_____6___3____0.333
Westfall____Sam Frazier_______30_10_____8___7_____4___5____0.333
Zane Trace__Matt Downs_______33_11____12___1_____1___6____0.333__0.389_____0.364____0.753
Adena_____ Ethan Kunkel______40_13_____8___11____8___5____0.325
Adena_____Caleb Foglesong____40_13_____8___10____6___2____0.325
Westfall____Brayton Felger_____31__10____5____7____2__4_____0.323
Paint Valley__Macky McDonald__50__16____7___13_____5__3_____0.320
Zane Trace__Lane Larson______50___16___6___10_____1___1____0.320__0.346_____0.360____0.706
Unioto______Nate Keiser______47___15___10__12_____6___8____0.319__0.389_____0.404____0.793
Piketon______Kannon Pack____32___10___3___ 5_____11___6____0.313__0.542_____0.406____0.948
Southeastern_ Chenault_______26___8____4__10_____7____7____0.308
Adena_______Jarrett Garrison_36___11___7___ 6_____5____3____0.306
Paint Valley__Brock Blanton___46___14___6___6_____5____14____0.304
Paint Valley__Elijah Tackett___30____9___4___2_____3_____7____0.300
Unioto______D.C Dailey______30____9___ 4___7_____5_____5____0.300__0.488____0.333____0.821
Unioto______Jeremy Lambert_37___11___6___5_____8_____7____0.297__0.422____0.324____0.747
Southeastern__ Gillum_______34___10___6___7_____3_____5____0.294
Southeastern__ Estep________24____7___1___5_____4_____9____0.292
Adena______Garrett Wilburn__42___12___7___5_____4____11___0.286

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