Injuries are wracking up

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Injuries are wracking up

Post by BigChuck »

Seeing a lot of injuries for some teams starting to pile up. And before I go on, many prayers for any child, in football or any sport who is hurt this fall. I know I act like an ass most of the time, but I would never want to see any child hurt, but they are a reality of the game and must be dealt with.

Burg has had our unfortunate share.
Ironton has had 2 QB's go down.
Fairland lost a top kid early I saw.

How are other teams faring? How does the depth look if your team start seeing injuries, are they ready to step in?

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Re: Injuries are wracking up

Post by EasternDspy »

Fort Frye Star Rb Brian Adkins out with a broken hand. Kid just had 195 yards vs NY.

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Re: Injuries are wracking up

Post by sportsfan2015 »

Rock Hill is absolutely depleted, from what I’ve heard it has been really, really bad for them.

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