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Re: Frank Solich

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Personally I would like to see OU move down to FCS and see if they could compete for a ntonal title. Athens will never have the infrastructure to build a nationally reputed FBS program.

Btw still waiting on that description of OUs system and it’s shortcomings. To me it looks like they are running what everyone else in college football is running. It isn’t like Coach is using a playbook from 1973.

Try just being a fan. You obviously don’t understand scheme.

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Re: Frank Solich

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EasternDspy wrote:
Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:35 pm
Ohio currently has the worst recruiting class in D1 at 131.
OHIO will also sign one of the smallest classes in the country. That is a big part of that ranking, which by the way, is not worth much.

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Re: Frank Solich

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Obviously the rankings for recruitment classes mean something, there is a linear correlation between the recruitment class rankings and wins/losses not to mention final end of season rankings and performances for the top 30 or so teams.

But there is not much you can glean from the "rankings" after the top 20 recruitment classes.

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