2003 DIV. III SE District Girls @ Chillicothe

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2003 DIV. III SE District Girls @ Chillicothe

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Belpre, Chesapeake, Eastern R, Green, Huntington, Lynchburg, Manchester, Notre Dame, Oak Hill, Paint Valley, Peebles, Southeastern, South Webster, Valley, Western, Whiteoak

Peebles, Southeastern, Chesapeake , Huntington and Belpre had strong season all spring.

4x800.....Huntington takes the first event with Southeastern, Belpre and Peebles following

100 Hurdles.....Belpre was 1st with 10 points. Notre Dame took 2nd for 8 points, South Webster took 3rd & 4th to get 11 points

100 Meters.....1st & 4th went to Chesapeake for 14 points. Oak Hill came in 2nd for 8 points, Huntington came in with 6 point with a 3rd place finish.

4x200.....Chesapeake, Belpre, Peebles, Southeastern.

After four events.....Chesapeake leads the field with 25 points. Huntington is right on their heels with 24 point, Belpre is right in it at 22 points and Southeastern is hanging in with 15

Discus.....First field results in with Huntington taking first. Belpre 2nd & 4th for 13 points. paint valley pickes up 9 points with a 3rd & 6th place.

1600 meters.....Hunting took 1sy & 3rd for 16 points, Belpre picked up 9 points with a 2nd & 8th Finish, Southeaster came in 4th for 5.

High Jump.....With the 2nd field results coming in Belpre gets 1st & 2nd for 17 points, Peebles ties for 2nd to pick up 7 points and Huntington picked up 5 points.

4x100.....Chesapeake, paint Valley, Peebles and Southeastern

Half way through the meet has Belpre with 65 points, Huntington 58, Chesapeake has fallen back to third with 41 points and Peebles comes in with 29

400 meters.....Oak Hill picks up some good points with a 1st & 5th place for 14 points, Huntington gets 8 points with a 2nd & 8th finish, Eastern R. 3rd place for 6th and Belpre picked up 5 points.

300 Hurdles.....Belpre 1st for 10 points, Notre Dame 2nd for 8 points, South Webster took 3rd and 6th for 9 and eastern R. came in with 6 points.

Pole Vault.....Only three teams took part with Belpre 1st, Huntington 2nd and South Webster 3rd.

800 Meters.....1st went to Chesapeake, Paint Valley 2nd, Southeastern came in 3rd 6th for 9 points and Huntington took 4th & 8th for 6 points

After 12 events it is Belpre 90, Huntington 78, Chesapeake 51 and Southeastern 36

200 Meters.....Oak Hill 1st & 7th for 12 points, Manchester took 2nd for 8 points, Huntington picked up 9 points with a 3 & 6 place, Notre Dame was 5th fpr 5 points

4th field event Long Jump .....1st & 2nd went to Chesapeake, Belpre took 3 & 6 and Notre Dame came in with 5 points.

3200 Meters.....Southeastern finished 1st & 6th, Huntington 2nd for 8 points, Peebles picked up 6 points in third place, Lynchburg finished 4th to get 5 points.

Shot Put is the last field event......1st & 8th went to Belpre for 11 points, Huntington 8 points at 2nd place South Webster 3rd, paint Valley 4th.

4x400.....Chesapeake takes their third relay. followed by Paint Valley, Southeastern, Belpre

Final score has Belpre 116, Huntington 109, Chesapeake 79, Southeastern 58, Peebles 55, South Webster 44, paint valley 42, Oak Hill 37, Notre Dame 33, Lynchburg 13, Valley 15.5, Manchester 14, Eastern R 11, Whiteoak 11, Western 6.5, Green 3

1ST place finishes
Chesapeake.....100 M, 4x200, 4x100, 4x400, 800 M, Long Jump
Belpre.....100 H, 300H, High Jump, Shot Put, Pole Vault
Huntington.....4x800, 1600, Discus
Oak Hill.....400M, 200M


You can see Chesapeake picked up 60 of their 79 points on first place finishes. With depth they could have won this meet.

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