2003 Div II SE Ditrict Girls @ WCH

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2003 Div II SE Ditrict Girls @ WCH

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Circleville, Eastern S, Fairfield Union, Federal Hocking, Logan Elm, McClain, Miami Trace, Sheridan, Unioto, Vinton Cty, Warren, Washington, Waverly, Westfall

Circleville, Fairfield Union, Logan, Sheridan, Warren all had good team showings all spring.

4x800.....Circleville, Sheridan, Logan Elm, Eastern S

100 Hurdles.....Fairfield Union 1st & 4th for 15 points, Westfall for 8 points, Sheridan 3rd & 5th for 10 points

100 Meters.....Fairfield Union 1st & 6th for 13 points, Logan Elm 2nd 8pts, Warren 3rd 6pts, Sheridan 4th & 8th 6pts

4x200 .....Warren, Sheridan, Circleville, Waverly

After 4 events Sheridan and Fairfield Union have 32, Circleville 19 and Logan Elm 15

1600 Meters.....Circleville 1st & 3rd 16 pts, Westfall 2nd 8 pts, Miami Trace 4th 5 pts

4x100.....Fairfield union, Sheridan, Circleville, Logan Elm

Shot Put.....Sheridan 1st & 5th for 15 pts, Logan Elm 2nd & 5th 12 pts, Warren 3rd 6 pts, Circleville 5th & 8th 5 pts

400 Meters..... Fairfield Union 1st 10 pts, Warren 2nd 8 pts, Sheridan 3rd 6pts, Circleville 4th 5 pts.

half Way through the meet it is Sheridan 63, Fairfield Union 56pts, Circleville 51pts, Logan Elm 33, Warren 24

High Jump.....Miami Trace 1st 10 pts, warren 2nd & 5th 11.5, Fairfield Union 2nd 7 pts, Westfall 4th 5 pts

300 hurdles.....Fairfield union 1st 10 pts, Circleville 2nd 8pts, Waverly 3rd 6pts, Logan Elm 4th 5pts

800 Meters.....Fairfield Union 1st 10pts, Sheridan 2nd 8pts, Circleville 3rd & 6th 9pts, Waverly 4th 5pts.

Long jump.....Warren 1st 10Pts, Sheridan 2nd 8pts, Westfall 3rd 6 pts, Federal Hocking 4th 5pts

After 12 events it is Fairfield Union 87, Sheridan 81, Circleville 66, Warren 52.5, Logan Elm 48

200 Meters.....Fairfield Union 1st 10pts, Logan Elm 2nd 8 pts, Sheridan 3rd 6pts, Warren 4th 5 pts.

Pole Vault.....Warren 1st & 2nd 18 pts, Circleville 3rd & 7th 7.5 pts, Fairfield Union 4th & 5th 9 pts

Discus.....Sheridan 1st & 4th 15 pts, Logan Elm 2nd & 6th 11 pts, Warren 3rd 6th pts, Circleville 5th & 8th 4 pts.

3200 Meters.....Circleville 1st & 2nd 18Pts, Warren 3rd 6pts, Logan Elm 4th 5pts

4x400.....Warren 1st 10 pts, Waverly 2nd 8pts, Fairfield Union 3rd 6 pts, Miami Trace 4th pts

Fairfield wins the meet with 119 points, Sheridan takes 2nd place 102, Warren comes in 3rd 100.5, Circleville 99.5 pts gets 4th and Logan Elm with 70 points comes in 5th

Fairfield Union was able to score 24 to 32 points in each part of the meet. Sheridan was down in 9 thur 12 events with only scoring 18 points, Circleville was down in the first four events and 9 thur 12, Warren had a very bad 1st four events with only scoring in one of those events after that they scored 90.5 points. Logan Elm scored 15 to 22 points to take 5th.

1st place finishes
Fairfield union.....100, 200, 400, 800, 100h, 300h 4x100
Warren.....4x200, 4x400, Pole Vault, Long Jump
Circlrville.....1600, 3200, 4x800
Logan Elm.....Discus
Sheridan.....Shot Put
Miami Trace.....High Jump

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