2004 Div. II SE District Boys @ Proctorville

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2004 Div. II SE District Boys @ Proctorville

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Alexander, Belpre, Fairland, Federal Hocking, Gallia, Ironton, Meigs, Minford, Northwest, Piketon, Portsmouth, River Valley, Rock Hill, South Point,Wellston, West,

Last Years top six were. Gallia, Belpre, South Point, River Valley, Federal Hocking, Portsmouth

Top teams coming in for 2004 are. Belpre, Federal Hocking, Gallia, Ironton, River Valley South Point

4x800.....River Valley, Fairland, Minford, South Point, Federal Hocking

110 hurdles.....South Point 1st & 6th, River Valley 2nd, Northwest 3rd, Federal Hocking 4th

100 hurdles.....Northwest 1st & 8th, Ironton 2nd, Gallia 3rd, South point 4th & 6th

4x200.....Ironton, South Point, Federal Hocking, Gallia, River Valley

After four events it is South Point 34, River Valley 22, Ironton 18, Federal Hocking 15, Gallia 15

Discus.....Belpre 1st & 6th, South Point 2nd, Minford 3rd, Wellston 4th

1600 meters.....River Valley 1st & 3rd, Rock Hill 2nd, Minford 4th

4x100.....South Point, Gallia, Ironton, Rock Hill, Alexander

High Jump.....South Point 1st & 7th, Federal Hocking 2nd, Belpre 3rd & 4th

Half way through the meet it is South Point with 64.5 after picking up 30.5 points in the last four events, River Valley picked up another 20 points to be in 2nd with 42 points, Ironton comes in at 3rd with picking up 10 more point to have 28, Federal Hocking and Belpre have 25 points, Gallia has 23.

400 meters.....Ironton 1st, Belpre 2nd, Federal Hocking 3rd Gallia 4th 7 6th

300 hurdles.....Federal Hocking 1st, River valley 2nd, Minford 3rd, Northwest 4th

Pole Vault.....Ironton 1st, Gallia 2nd & 4th, South point 3rd & 8th

800 meters.....Federal Hocking 1st, Belpre, 3nd, Rock Hill 3rd, South Point 4th

With 5 events to go it is South Point with 80.5, River Valley has 57, Federal Hocking has , Ironton with 48, Belpre 46 and Gallia with 45

200 meters.....Ironton 1st, Northwest 2nd, South point 3rd, West 4th

Shot Put.....South Point 1st, Belpre 2nd & 6th, Ironton 3rd, River Valley 4th

3200 meters.....River Valley 1st & 2nd, Piketon 3rd, Alexander 4th

Long Jump.....Rock Hill 1st, Portsmouth 2nd, South point 3rd, West 4th

4x400.....Federal Hocking, Gallia, South point, River Valley.

Final score are South Point 108.5 after scoring 44 points in the last 9 events, River Valley scored 43 points in the last 9 events to finish in second with 85 points, Ironton score 43 points in the last 9 events to pass Federal Hocking for 3rd place with 71 points, Federal Hocking couldn't hold on to 3rd after only scoring 11 point in the last 5 events, Belpre finished with 61 and last years winner came in 6th with 60 points.

1st place winners

South Point.....HJ, SP, 110, 4x1
Ironton.....PV, 4x2, 400, 200
River Valley.....4x8, 1600, 3200
Federal Hocking.....300, 800, 4x4
Rock Hill.....LJ

South Point scored in 15 event

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